Saturday, September 15, 2012

President Obama's Mere Presence Will Bring World Peace.

I believe Obama is delusional and he is sincere when he asserts that his "being there" will fundamentally change reality.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If Republicans Gets Elected...If Obama Gets Elected

The choices could not be clearer. We will experience intense pain or we will experience catastrophe such as America has never seen.

The National Debt eclipses every other issue. The economy is the debt and the debt is the economy. I have refused to answer pollster questions where "decreasing debt" and "improving the economy" are listed as separate options. It is ridiculous to talk about one without talking about the other.

If Romney wins and the GOP holds the House and captures the Senate, it will not be Morning In America. Not with $16T in debt. It's midnight, the roof is on fire and even if the firefighters get their act together, they might lose the building.

Washington MUST do three things:
1. Washington must acknowledge the seriousness of the debt.
2. Washington must develop the guts to cut popular programs. We are long past the point where waste and abuse and imprudence are tipping the scales. Sacred cows will be slaughtered. It could be The Department of Education and it could be the Pentagon. It could be both. Pain will be felt this time around.
3. Washington must develop the wisdom to cut prudently while growing the economy. The temptation will be to raise taxes on the providers of private capital. Ask Finland how well that works. Yes, they produce bright people but they end up in places like Silicon Valley because their homeland is sucked dry of capital. America is about one hundred times bigger than Finland and we can't scatter our talent all over the world. When it comes to opportunity, it really is a small world.
Washington must also make sure that the mandatory cuts do not jeopardize the most vulnerable citizens or leave us prone to terrorist or military attack.

So Washington has to develop clarity, fortitude and wisdom overnight? Yes. Washington has never had any of these attributes before, not in our lifetimes anyway. But now they have to instantly display these qualities. Even in the best case election scenario, this is unlikely. This is what a ray of hope looks like.

Peter Schiff says we have already activated the tipping point and the landslide is starting (paraphrased a bit.) David Walker said we have about two years to right the ship but he said it a few months ago. Gary North says that significant inflation is inevitable. The worst is yet to come even if Romney gets elected.

Whereas Romney and his GOP cohorts are a dim ray of optimism, Obama is America's death warrant. No hyperbole here. If Obama is re-elected, it will be the shrouding of America. We will survive in some capacity but we will be as a bankrupt Greece to the glory of Alexander. America will finally succumb to a dose of self-loathing coupled with a larger dose of self-delusion.

It is a deliberate self-delusion that tells us we can spend our way to prosperity. It is a deliberate self-delusion (practiced by both parties) that says deficit spending is OK as long as we are the ones doing the spending. It is self-delusion that excuses failure if it is coupled with stated good intentions. It is self-delusion that tells us that a president's values and actions are trivial compared to his sense of style. Yes, things will be OK as long as we have a president who is friends with Ellen and Oprah and Ashton and Demi and Tweedy. A president who can slow jam with Jimmy Fallon can only bring good fortune to his country.

I never trusted Obama but I once thought that he was a deluded individual who might grow with the job. Let's skip over the reasons that did not happen. We have to acknowledge that Obama is and will forever be, a college sophmore. When this country needed leadership we got horseshit talking points about millionaires and billionaires paying their fair share. Obama is an onion of slogans. Peel a skin and there is another layer of slogans. And the king of chants and slogans might just occupy the White House when America can no longer pay her bills.

If Obama did not take our national debt seriously in his first term and he says nothing about it in his campaign verbiage, can we believe he will take it seriously in his second term? Obama = catastrophe. We might all look foolish arguing about Obamacare during those bygone years. If America cannot pay her bills there will be no Medicare or Medicaid to administer. Also, no Social Security and no paychecks for uniformed personnel. No food stamps and no Section 8. And that's the tip of the iceberg.

What would President Obama do if America goes bankrupt? He would lay blame. He would lay blame upon people he hates. George Bush, the GOP, oil companies, Wall Street, speculators. Spread the blame around and then check the focus groups to see which villain has staying power.

A bankrupt America is hard to fathom . Yes, it would be like Greece but France and Germany would not be there to bail us out. The ripple effect would be felt worldwide. America will hurt but some people in  far away places will starve. Worldwide suffering.

Can Obama stave off bancruptcy? No.

Can Romney stave off bancruptcy? Possibly.

Do we want Obama in office when we hit bancruptcy? I don't. No crisis will go unwasted and the Chicago thugs will seize the opportunity to exact revenge on their political rivals, their designated scapegoats and anyone who has not sufficiently paid the piper over the years. Romney would certainly be an upgrade.

I see bleakness in your future. Seven lean cows or seven dead cows. The choice is yours.