Monday, September 3, 2012

The President Salutes Neil Armstrong: How Presidential

Sunday, September 2, 2012

GOP Senate Majority Probable. GOP Senate Super Majority Possible.

On August 15, 2011 I played Walter Mitty/Reince Priebus and assessed the best 2012 Senate candidates for both The Republicans and The Tea Party. Please refer to the link below. Yes, this material will be on the final.


New Mexico: The candidate I most hate to see run away is Gary Johnson. He could have been the next Rand Paul. Instead, he is the nest Andre Marrou. Giant sigh. The popular former governor would have won the state and we would not worry about him coming out of the RINO closet. But we have to move on.

New Mexico is still in play but Heather Wilson trails Martin Heinrich 48-41 (Rasmussen.) And Obama leads Romney 52-38 in The Land of Enchantment. It will be an uphill battle.

New York: I would have also liked to have seen a GOP dinosaur (Guliani or Pataki) challenge Gillibrand in New York. I am not a fan of either of these inflated figures but they won't mindlessly follow Sleazy Harry over a cliff. Good luck, Wendy Long.

Minnesota: I wanted either Tim Pawlenty or Norm Coleman to step up in Minnesota. As with the New York dinosaurs, I am lukewarm to these guys but both of them could have won. Good luck Daycare Center Owner & Ron Paul Campaign Activist (Politics1 description) Kurt Bills. This one was so damn winnable.

New Jersey: This was Christie's for the taking. Good Luck, Kyrillos.

Wisconsin: They gave us Ryan and Walker and now they hand us Tommy Thompson. Two out of three ain't bad. I hate to keep picking on the Tommy Gun but he is one of the best examples of what is wrong with The Republican Party. Tea Party he ain't.

Maryland: Thanks for nothing, John Bolton.

Missouri: Todd Akin. Let's move on. Nothing to see here, folks. Let's move on.


Hawaii: Linda Lingle is a force to be reckoned with.

Connecticutt: Yes, I would have preferred Peter Schiff or David Walker but they don't have the street fighting instincts of Linda McMahon. There could be a pile driver in the Dems' future.

Maine: Olympia Snowe is retiring. Hey Olympia, can you take Dodd/Frank with you?

Indiana: You have earned your retirement, Senator Lugar. Back home again in Indiana? 36 years is a long time to be gone, Senator.

Texas: Ted Cruz is an upgrade.

Massachusetts: The Dems are running compulsive liar Elizabeth Warren against Scott Brown. Even in the flex-truth world of American politics, Warren's behavior is extreme. She has literally made a career of using her fraudulent American Indian heritage to play the affirmative action game. This ploy has landed her a position at Harvard and might yet win her a Senate seat. Benedict Arnold Brown is starting to look good once more.


More bad news than good. The stars were aligned. The Dems had 23 seats to lose, the GOP but 10. Obama has no coat tails. Voter ID laws might minimize voter fraud. With a little more effort, the Republicans could have almost run the table. It was all there for the taking.

The Democrats will have to pull off a series of miracles to maintain a majority. Rasmussen has Nebraska and Wisconsin as "Safe Republican." Too soon to pop the corks just yet but if they hold and nothing else changes, the Dems would maintain 51 seats to the GOP's 49. Rasmussen also lists one seat as "Leans Republican," seven as "Leans Democrat" and six are "Toss-up."

Some years ago my dentist, Dr. Jim Porter, stated that dental fillings should last twelve years, plus or minus ten years. Sounds imprecise but it is actually an accurate forecast given the unpredictability of such matters.  Coming down to the wire the GOP are on track to net six Senate seats, plus or minus eight.

I predict that many of us will be staying up late on election night.