Saturday, September 1, 2012

Proactive Spin: Why The Obamamedia Inflate Their Leader's Poll Numbers

Obama might get re-elected but that's not the way things are trending. The tea leaves look bad for the O'Man and the media realize it. There has been chatter on the leftist blogs advocating throwing the president under the Greyhound. Blame his defeat on Obama's ineptitude and spare his collectivist worldview. In other words, he had great ideas but he was too (what is the NPR word for stupid ally?) inexperienced/unpolished/ blah blah blah to make it work.

That is one spin. Another spin is in the works. Throughout primary season Romney could only spend a fraction of what Obama was spending. That changes post-convention. Get ready for wall to wall Mitt.

And should Mitt win? "Obama was in the lead until the Citizens United decision blossomed in the real world. Romney bought the election."

The advantage of padding Obama's numbers in June or July is that one cannot be disproven. A perfect media crime.

If the race card flops in focus groups (and it will) it will be replaced by a new meme: Romney bought the election.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Shout Out To 'Legal Insurrection'

And a reminder to put them on my blog roll.

I just discovered "Legal Insurrection" via teapartyatperrysburg. Perhaps because of his legal training, William A Jacobson--the blogger-in-chief--lays out evidence in a clear, linear manner. Click below to watch him dismantle the false witnesses who have the audacity to assert that Ryan is doctoring the facts.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"2016": A Bullet Point Review

1. Obama is starting to remind me of the JFK assassination. There is a hunger to explain suspicious behavior. D'Souza is a latter day Robert Blakey.

2. Much of the documentary excerpts "Dreams From My Father." With the dozens of fabrications can we even trust the tone and tenor of this work? And if a ghost writer does emerge, does that change the equation?

3. Since the 1950s movies have lived by one rule: Give them something they can't get on TV. Unfortunately, this mentality leads to an indulgence of gimmickry. I hate shaky cams and blurry cams and super close-ups and whatever you call the bullshit scan-and-pan-in-the-theater technique where part of the talking head's face is off-camera. And the silly ass reconstructed telephone conversations with inconsistent audio was annoying. But hey, this is a paying audience. Got to remind them that they are in a movie theater and they are not watching "60 Minutes" in their living rooms.

4. As much as I fear our ballooning deficit, I don't know if there is a deliberate attempt to destroy America by over-spending. Paul Ryan voted for the stimulus and rode along with Bush and Delay for most of their destruction. If everyone is in the cabal, it isn't much of a conspiracy. Still, if a politician wanted to destroy America from the inside, nothing would do the trick like over-spending.

5. Obama is quoted as saying in effect that he could get his way with white people just by not showing anger. Who ghostwrote that line? Obama has been petulant, if not openly hostile, since his inauguration, if not before.

6. This is not an Obama hatchet job. He is treated with a lot of sympathy. His father was a lout and his mother was a flake. His maternal grandfather was, well, what is the word for a hard drinking communist sympathizer who introduces his grandson to Franklin Marshall Davis? I doubt that President Obama is a happy man.

7. As with the JFK assassination, the theories start cancelling out other theories. The Grassy Knoll can only hold so many assassins. Does Neo-Colonialism explain the puzzling motives of our international man of mystery better than a narcissistic personality disorder? Do either of these things expain Obama's behavior better than John Drew's assertion that Obama is an unreformed, hard core Marxist? Or that he is first and foremost, a Crypto-Muslim? Or that he really is a dumb ass who has been elevated far beyond his talent ala Chauncey Gardener? Let's return to this subject shortly.

8. D'Souza'a radio interviews promoting the movie have been more interesting than the actual movie. In addition to George Obama's ailing child, there is the paternal aunt who lives in poverty in Kenya and another half-brother (who happens to be a physicist now living in China) excommunicated for disagreeing with Barack. George Obama's book deal was probably killed by enemies in high places. I wish some of those stories could have found their way into the theater.

9. I dragged along a thirtysomething buddy of mine who voted for Obama in 2008. He will probably vote for Obama in 2012. He thought the movie was too much conjecture and did not sufficiently blame Bush.

10. With all the allowances for conjecture and speculation, I believe D'Souza's portrait of Obama as an embittered, ideological manchild best explains the absurdity of the last four years. D'Souza has hit the bullseye!