Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Am I Missing?

Like a lot of Tea Party types, I am a political neophyte. The last five years have been eye-opening. I used to think that elected officials wrote our laws. It would not have surprised me to learn that the tedium had been delegated to the wonks. But it shocked me to learn that Congressmen did not even read the bills they voted on. My jaw dropped even further when idiots like Cenk Uyger defended the practice because if Congressmen read bills, they would have no time for anything else. The what else is fertile ground for one's imagination indeed. I am still confused by politics. Obama is having trouble getting 60% in the primaries versus hobby candidates and the always formidable Uncommitted. That's right, presidential candidate Uncommitted garnered 42% in Kentucky and took most of the Commonwealth's counties. The legendary Joe Wolfe won similar numbers in Arkansas. Oklahoma and West Virgina did not go well for the incumbent either. And let's not forget 2010. And yet...and yet, Rasmussen has Obama and Romney running in stride. What am I missing folks?