Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Mitt's to Lose

Unless Mitt runs as bad a campaign as Steve Schmidt ran for McCain in 08, we will inaugurate President Romney in 2013. Today Obama came out in support of gay marriage. My feelings on the subject vacillate between neutrality and apathy. If gay marriage is a radio show's topic de jour, I switch channels. It's one of those all heat and no light topics. But this subject now moves to the forefront. Obama is desperate. Obama is desperate for anything that will distract us from his failed economic policies. I don't think this will work. The careful choreography, first with NBC and Joe Biden and then ABC and the Anointed One, displays the fingerprints of a campaign that loves to overplay its hand. I am sure ther is a smart guy with charts and graphs who can justify a battleground/swing state strategy and in these particular states, gay marriage yields a surprising metric, blah blah blah. Wonka wonka wonk. I don't think this strategy will work. If Romney stays away from the MSM badgers and contrasts his substance with Obama's style and selects say, Paul Ryan, as his vp choice, this could be 2010 all over again plus the Senate and the White House. Yes we can! Er, excuse me. Forward!

Obama Loses Ten Counties To Not Famous Jailbird.

Ohhhh, I so miss blogging. I never got burned out. I once more got overloaded. Giant sigh. Ok, so we know the O-Man lost 13 counties in Oklahoma. Yesterday, he lost ten counties in West Virginia and failed to carry 60 per cent statewide. Who was the heavyweight who gave the anointed one a run for his money...question mark note. my keyboard will not allow for the shift key. i can cap lock but then i cannot use special characters unless i cut and paste from a sheet. too time consuming. anyway, the atlantic has a nice bio on keith russell judd, the gate election gate crasher. interesting guy. if you were fortunate enough to be named notobama, you still have a shot at the presidency. mark halperin is leading cheers and trying to tell us the obots are confident and enthusiastic. nice try, mark.