Saturday, March 10, 2012

What If Queen Elizabeth Had Lost Her Coronation?

Move along folks. No story here. Even Kareem blew a few dunks. The Republicans are crucifying women right down the street. Go there. Go. Go. Go. Nothing to see here.

Does the MSM ignore EVERY significant news story? So it seems. If not for teapartyatperrysburg and World Net Daily, I would not be aware that Candidate Obama is struggling to earn his party's nominatiion.

OK, struggle might be a stretch. But when an incumbent who runs unopposed or with only novelty/hobby candidate opposition, cannot collect 90% of the primary vote, there is a problem.

From WND article:

While the media attempts to portray Democratic voters as solidly supportive of Obama, in Oklahoma the president received just slightly over 50 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary.

In the other three states that held Democratic primaries, the president also faced difficulties. In Massachusetts, Tennessee and Missouri Obama only received 88 percent of the vote. These numbers are interesting in light of the fact in two of the states Obama was unopposed.

Am I the only blogger who detects a vulnerability?

Sellebrity Saturday: Nick Cannon Endorses Obama


So Michael Savage Stated That Breitbart Was Murdered?

Savage really is a nut. And if the stunning video Hannity plugged recently is an indication of the much-awaited vetting, the White House would have sent Breitbart bodyguards.

We can do better than this, people!!!

Most Under-Reported Story Of The Year....

RINO Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) suddenly announces that she is not a candidate for re-election to the Senate in 2012. Scott D’Amboise, a Tea Party Republican will win the nomination by default. Shades of Evan Bayh.

The Spirit of 2010 lives on! The Tea Party is alive and well, so it seems.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Obama Wins Oklahoma With An Astounding 57 % Of The Vote

If I could just read one blog (and these days I can't even read ONE!!!) I would read teapartyatperrysburg. They beat me to the punch even when I am blogging.

The link below is a real gem. On Super Tuesday Obama lost 15 Counties in Oklahoma. Twelve counties went to a perennial pro-life candidate and three went to a real no name.

The handwriting is on the wall, folks!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

When You Have Been Away From The Keyboard For A Few Weeks...

You do miss out on a few things.

Final word on Limbaugh and Fluke:

I am no dittohead but I listen to Limbaugh for about an hour/day when I am commuting or running errands. Whatever else can be said about the King of Radio, he is more truthful than the mainstream media. He has to be. Double standards abound. He is usually more polite than the mainstream media for the same reason.

When Limbaugh goes to commercial or worse, when he weaves a sponsor into his narrative, I change channels. Same too, when he discusses a topic that does not interest me. When he attacked Ms. Fluke, I listened for a while and then changed channel. What I vaguely remember is that each time I switched back to Limbaugh he was still bashing Fluke.

I found this ongoing pummeling confusing. I am extremely biased but there is a part of me that is a frustrated focus group administrator. I genuinely want to understand what people think. I am curious about their mental processes. So I was puzzled as to why this woman struck a nerve with Limbaugh. He just could not seem to let it go. He did not approve of her lifestyle and he let it be known over and over and over.

Why did Fluke aggravate Limbaugh as much as she did? I have no idea. I would say that it's the same reason why Palin and Bachmann bring out the hate in a lot of men. I don't understand it but I accept the existence of the phenomenon.

Limbaugh is sometimes given to introspection but he will not share with us the basis of his hostility. This was not Hillary or Pelosi or Sergeant Wasserman Schultz. It was a civilian who would have faded into obscurity before the weekend was finished. Why did Limbaugh bite on this pabulum bait?

I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.

You Got To Be Kidding

I did not know Andrew Breitbart. He seemed like a good dude to me but the deceased look bigger in the rear view mirror. What will be his legacy?

I don't know but if the buffoons at have nothing more than the tedium they offered up on "Hannity" last night, they should close the website in honor of their founder. Dumbass Hannity should never have let this video be shown. Do they also have security cam footage of a young Obama withdrawing funds on an ATM? That would have been more scandalous.

Had I posted this morning, I would have made the comparison to Al Capone's vault. But who has not made that comparison by not? Hannity is the new Geraldo and Breitbart's memory is trivialized. This was a joke. No wonder the MSM passed on this vid. They didn't want to put their audience to sleep.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Won't Have Dennis Kucinich To Kick Around Any More

Marci Kaptur, my favorite Democrat defeated leftist war horse Dennis Kucinich in the Democratic Primary. Ohio fell victim to redistricting that pitted two incumbent Democrats against each other.

The last of the old school Dems locked horns with Dennis the Menace and the Kuch got the worst of it. Look for him on MSNBC sometime soon.

In an ironic twist, Kaptur will now meet Joe The Plumber, aka Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, in the general election. May the better candidate emerge victorious.