Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Daily Caller" Exposes Soros-Funded "Media Matters"

At last! Journalism is too much commentary and and not enough investigation. Blogs like this one offer overlooked and under-publicized news items as well as the occasional editorial, analysis and projection. That is about all part-timers can do.

Alternative media are frustratingly lazy. Fox News is more talk show than news. Glenn Beck started doing actual journalism but Limbaugh et al have never gotten off their duffs. So it is refreshing that "Daily Caller" has performed a Pulitzer-worthy investigation of "Media Matters."

The expose is great for a number of reasons. It displays George Soros in a truth-be-damned posture that we have come to recognize. It captures the mainstream media in all of their ongoing ethical torpitude. It illustrates why the mainstream media all sound like they are singing the same song: the hymnal was printed and distributed by "Media Matters."

This story is a Euclidean field day. There is the Soros angle, of course. There is the tax exempt angle. There is the anti-Israel angle. Most importantly, there is the White House angle. Get out your protractors, folks.

An interesting aside: The mainstream media is now dominated by attack journalism. If the subject is Bush, Palin, Beck, Cain, Limbaugh or Fox News, facts are optional. It is venom and nothing but venom. Ironically, the godfather of bile, David Brock, got his start whoring for "American Spectator." There he served up hit pieces on Bill Clinton and Anita Hill. I guess we can thank master pimp Emmett Tyrrell for David Brock and "Media Matters." Way to go, Tyrrell.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twofer Tuesday: Daniel Hannan

We can summarize Daniel Hannan in one sentence. He is a Brit who has witnessed the failure of Western Europe and who advises Americans to resist the same road to destruction.