Thursday, February 2, 2012

Retro Thursday: The Infamous Zobgy Poll

Originally Posted May 1, 2009

This vid captures the highlights of the now infamous Zogby poll. The untold story is that the messenger, Zogby, was roundly skewered in the lefty blogosphere for conducting this poll. Possibly fearing a loss of business from Democrats, the Zogs distanced themselves from John Ziegler and "Media Malpractice." This action speaks louder than all the polls in history! "Shoot the Messenger" is a philosophy that is alive and well.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Biggest Buffoon in The History of Planet Earth?

You are dealt a war hero and the governor of the state with the highest budget surplus in US history. Your opponent holds a community organizer and a nice guy with a touch of dementia. Is there any way you can lose?

If you are named Steve Schmidt, the answer is a resounding yes. Some people have suggested that Schmidt was a Dem operative. No one could be as stupid as Steven Schmidt. No one could misplay that hand so poorly. I argue the counterpoint: Steven Schmidt is an idiot.

Schmidt is credited with the bean bag strategy. That is, Republicans had to treat Obama with kid gloves because he was so damn popular and if one actually pointed out his flaws, they would generate a hostile backlash. Schmidt is believed to have anonymously provided the most malicious Palin quotes in the book "Game Change." He would go on to work for MSNBC (how fitting) and fingers again pointed in his direction when McCain's 2008 Romney dossier surfaced on the Internet.

Schmidt was a proponent of GOP secularism. He was leery of the religious right and was livid when McCain selected an out of the closet Christian as his running mate. Did Schmidt hit the iceberg on purpose? I doubt it. Is Schmidt the biggest fool in the history of Planet Earth? That might be a stretch. Is he the biggest fool in the history of American politics? I think so.

Success has a thousand fathers but failure is an orphan. No one is stepping up to accept responsibility for the 2008 election. But Schmidt was the captain of the ship. He is the daddy of this failure.

Steven Schmidt: Buffoon. Idiot. Underachiever. Loser. You have made a reputation for yourself, big guy.