Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Unholy Alliance

Anyone but Obama! The Crypto-Marxist Infiltrator-in-Chief has made for strange bedfellows. I so look forward to the day we can send the Alinsky apostle back to the land of onion if for no other reason than I can once more feud with the Sean Hannitys of the world.

Hannity reminds me of an Obama supporter. In much the same way that Obama's sheeple play the race card, Hannity plays the martyr card with Tim Tebow. Every criticism of the hyper-hype of Tim Tebow is met with a claim of Christian persecution. This is absurd because the NFL has always been a religious hotbed. Remember Reggie White, the Minister of Defense? The tip of the iceberg.

Hannity et al have tried to inject the Hand of God onto the Tebow landscape. Tebow passed for 316 yards last week. John 3:16 says... Am I a lesser Christian if I voice doubt about God fixing football games?

Some denominations believe in context and reverence. Do not think for a second that members of these denominations have weaker faith because they are cautious about uttering when and where they discuss the Deity. There is more to the commandment: "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain" than the buffoonery of Jeremiah Wright.

Tebow is playing the Patriots tonight. Bill Belichick, for all of his football genius is in Year 3 of rebuilding his defense. That is a long time in NFL years. Brady and company are great but the Patriot defense is the worst in the league and one of the worst the NFL has seen in recent years. They have Vince Wilfork and not much else. Every play seems to be a scoring opportunity. Tebow might have a big game against these losers. But I'll be cheering for the Patriots and if the Patsy defense roughs up the new King of Hype, that won't bother me a bit.

Someday the social conservatives will do battle with the minarchists and I know where my allegiance will fall. But until the Comrades are sent packing, I will sing Kumbaya with Sean Hannity and his band of halo polishers.

The nausea will pass.
The nausea will pass.
The nausea will pass.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Will Obama Destroy The Brand?

Richard Nixon permanently damaged the Republican brand. It was during the mid to late 70's that Red States turned blue. It had less to do with Jimmy Carter's charm than it had to do with the public's disgust with a corrupt and arrogant political party. Republican political careers were collateral damage. A lot of good people just stood too close to the disgraced president.

Obama might yet destroy the Democratic brand. 2010 was the most lopsided set of elections in US History. The GOP picked up 60 seats but they could have picked up dozens more. They captured state house after state house. Every election was a referendum on Obama.

By any standard, the Obama Administration has a poor economic record. By election day they will have inflated the national debt by about fifty per cent and we will have nothing to show for it. In fact, most economic indicators are worse than 2008 and much worse than 2006 when the Dems took control.

Since 2011 Obama has blamed Congress for all of the country's ills. That works with the party base but it does not elevate the president in other voters' eyes. The White House's attacks have been snide and not always accurate. Whereas negative attacks do indeed damage the target, to a lesser extent they damage the attacker. The Obama image has been reshaped by the constant drip drip drip of venom. That cheery hope and change icon has morphed into a gargoyle.

Obama's approval ratings have gone downhill without much help from the media. Just wait till the attack ads start. They were sorely missed in 2008. If the Repubs just attack O's record, it will be bad for the incumbent. But it won't just be his record this time around. There is a simmering resentment stemming from the media's treatment of Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. The grass roots will sharpen their claws (love mixed metaphor.)

We know Obama has a glass jaw. If the peasants just stick to the issues, Obama has a rainy day ahead. If any of a dozen scandals goes into Watergate mode, the Dems have a Cat 5 on their hands. If they covered up something that should have never been covered up, it's going to be a tsunami in Donkeyland.

To review, 2010 was a bloodbath without any tawdry scandals. Throw Larry Sinclair, John Drew, Philip Berg, a suspicion-generating social security number, and a dozen or so other cover-ups (that the Dems helped cover-up) and we have a landmark election that could shape the political topography for decades to come.

Hope and change.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Has Governor Corzine Found His Lost $1.2 Billion?

Did he look behind the sofa? That's where I found my lost $1.2 Billion. I was going to shake out the cushions and I peeked behind old softie and there it was.

Is Eric Holder helping The Governor/Senator/Financial Wizard find his lost stash? Someone should come to this poor man's assistance. Where are the people who care?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not My Nostradamus Moment

OK, I blew it on the predictions. Romney did better than expected. So did Paul. So did Huntsman. Gingrich...not so much.

New Hampshire has an open primary. With Obama running unopposed, the undeclareds (New Hampshire for Independent)flocked to the GOP primary. The results would have been much different if NH had a closed primary.

But then again, Iowa might have had different results in they had a primary and not a caucus. If California voted first results would also be different. Fact is, you have to play the course.

I like Mitt OK but I voted for Gingrich. (I'll address the Bain attacks later.) Romney's in the lead but this game ain't over. Let's see how Mr. Massachusetts does in the land of cotton. South Carolina will either seal it for Mitt or bring a candidate back from the dead.

On to the Palmetto State!

Last Minute New Hampshire Predictions.

Romney: Low 30's.

Santorum and Paul will combine for low to mid 20's.

Perry will not get 5%.

Gingrich and Huntsman will combine for 40%.

Gingrich will do better than predicted by the pollsters.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Huntsman Will Win The Milquetoast Vote

Oh man. The Huntsman rally was a yawner even by C-SPAN standards. The Exeter Town Hall was packed with media people. The Huntsman campaign bussed some people in to hold signs. But there was no energy. No enthusiasm. No pulse.

Huntsman delivered the most generic political speech in history. He left no compelling reason to vote for him. Huntsman seems to regard the presidency as one more blurb on his resume. Maybe he wants to be a celebrity. What better way than to run for president?

Ron Paul Bashes Santorum

This is an edited email from Ron Paul's people. I did not fact check the claims but they do reflect my view that Santorum (like most of the 2000-2006 Republicans)is a big government conservative.


As you'll see from my ad, Rick Santorum is anything but a conservative. Just consider his record, which includes:

*** Padding his own wallet as a corporate lobbyist at the expense of taxpayers;

*** Voting to RAISE the debt ceiling five times;

*** Voting to DOUBLE the federal Department of Education;

*** Voting with liberals like Ted Kennedy on multiple occasions in support of Big Labor's radical agenda;

*** Urging more federal involvement in housing with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac;

*** Voting to create a brand new, unfunded entitlement, Medicare Part D, the largest expansion of entitlement spending since President Lyndon Johnson - creating $16 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities;

*** Endorsing liberal Big Government RINOs like Arlen Specter over conservatives. Of course, Specter later became a Democrat and worked hand-in-glove with President Obama to pass his radical agenda;

*** Voting for Sarbanes-Oxley, which imposed dramatic new job-killing accounting regulations on businesses;

*** Supporting raising taxes on oil companies, which directly costs Americans more money out of their pockets at the gas pump;

*** Voting for gun control;

*** Voting to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens, while voting against an additional 1,000 border patrol agents;

*** Voting to give $25 million in foreign aid to North Korea;

*** Voting to send hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood - the nation's largest provider of abortion - and hand out hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid to enemies of Israel.
But unlike many of my other establishment opponents, Rick Santorum isn't even trying to sweep his Big Government record under the rug.

He's proud of it!

See Me On C-Span Tonight

I will walk to the Exeter Town Hall tonight to attend a Huntsman rally. I know. I know. Not exactly wowed by the H-Man but it is within walking distance. The Occupants may or may not be on hand. Not sure they can spell Huntsman. Too many syllables.

C-Span will cover the event live. I'll be wearing a blue zip up fleece and a red t-shirt with all sorts of food stains on it. I'll be studying the Mormon hotties and hitting up the Occupants for spare change (if they are on hand.)

Ah, the swallows will soon be fleeing Capistrano. Sigh.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Report From Exeter: Romney and Christie and Occupants Oh My

As mentioned, My Handycam has a dead battery and I do not have a charger. I went to the storage unit and found my Handycam accessories. All the accessories except for the AC charger. Hopes dashed.

I spent about seven hours this weekend trying to hook up a printer. Long story but I'll try to summarize. When I moved two years ago I gave away one printer and put the other printer in storage. I don't have much space these days.

Anyway, my friend returned my printer to me at one point and I threw it in the closet. I tried to add the computer without the disk (I know I will find the disk soon now that I have the other printer running) but for whatever reason I was unable to install the printer, even with help from Hewlett Packard. So today, I dug the other printer out of storage.

The second printer was already installed on the computer. In two years time the installed cartridges froze and thawed and froze and thawed. After much futile tinkering I bit the bullet and bought a color cartridge and a black and white cartridge. Seven cumulative hours and $42 later I was able to run off a Bingo card template for my friend.

I decided to drive across town to see Mitt and Christie at the high school gym. I know. Mitt is not my first choice and he is not a great orator. But I have missed the circus this year and I figured there would be a lot of sideshows. I was not disappointed.

I have spent my life in the cheap seats away from the limelight, so this is the highest concentration of media fixtures I have seen in one space. Counting tech people there were literally hundreds of them. There were rows and rows of typists on laptops. There were so many news people that hundreds of civilians, including me, were routed away from the auditorium to a nearby gym.

In the gym, we listened to a speech that was piped in. Dumb ass me thought that the audio track was a previous Mitt and Chris rally and that they would be starting this evening's rally later. After talking to a fellow reject I learned that we had been excluded but that Mitt was going to be dropping by to say hi.

In this era of camera proliferation, it is hard to tell who is in the business and who is a mere civilian. But it seems that even some of the privileged members of the fourth estate were excluded from the grown up room. A mob armed with expensive looking cameras huddled around Mitt. I was able to see the governor's tan forehead and not much else. I guess he got that perfect tan on the campaign trail in Soth Carolina.

I saw David Gergen and Carl Cameron and a bunch of bug-eyed foreign correspondents. There were probably more civilians than media people but it's hard to tell. There were a few dozen Occupiers, a half dozen or so Ron Paul supporters and some guy with a loud voice who yelled something about Romney being a draft dodger. There were even some pro-Israeli Zionists holding signs at the parking lot exit.Some of the Occupiers infiltrated the crowd and started chanting. This happened a couple of times. I was standing by a Gang of Four who started some silly ass chant. I might make C-Span just yet.

I did my own political theater. Whenever an Occupant handed me a flier I would ask if it was printed on recycled paper. After a heartfelt "I don't know sir," I would either act despairing or hostile. I think I frightened one timid soul. But I did learn that "polite occupier" is not an oxymoron. A rarity perhaps, but not an oxymoron.

I wish I had my camera running. I wish I would have purchased a fancy phone with video capacity (mine costs $15.) Instead of video I have pleasant memories that will fade over time. Read: Tuesday. But I will treasure a vague composite memory of the evening that was uniquely New Hampshire. How sweet it is.