Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stuck On The Sidelines With a Dead Battery

This was going to be the year that I was going to haul around my Handycam and capture some footage of candidates for my blog. Schedule constraints (read work) prevented me from doing so. But I did take off the Friday and Monday before the primary in hopes of capturing some of the festivities. Come Friday I could not find the charger for my video cam.

Understand, it has been two years since I used my cam. I had moved and threw a lot of stuff in storage. After a two hour search I called Sony. Bad news. The AC charger cost more than I had expected. About $120. And it would be back ordered for 3-4 weeks. The salesman, Mark offered another option. A travel charger that allows one to charge the removable battery for only $48, deliverable this coming Tuesday.

A silver lining to be sure but I will not be capturing unique video this election cycle. Manchester is hopping tonight. 600 media outlets will be in attendance not counting bloggers and other amateurs. In 2008 I wore a white shirt and a tie and was surprised how much access I was granted the night before the election. Not this time.

So I guess I will watch the circus on Youtube this year. Chris Christie and Mitt are having a pep rally across town tomorrow. I might drop in on that.

It would have been fun but I plead sour grapes. Romney's going to win and it's cold outside. Sigh.

Newt For President

I will vote for Newt Gingrich in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. I have already written about "Ron Paul and Me" as well as my mistrust of free spending Rick Santorum and all of his 2000-2006 cronies. I think Mitt Romney is a good man and he seems to be everyone's second choice. Something tells me I might get yet another chance to vote for Mitt.

The news media awards Bill Clinton all the credit for the financial boom and balanced budgets of the 1990's. Fact is, he could not have done it without Newt. Yes, Newt was run out of town by his own party but those bums ultimately betrayed America. Newt should wear this distinction as a badge of honor. "The Anti-Tom Delay" might not roll off the tongue but someone should be rewarded for filling this niche.

Yes, Newt is a lightning rod. Some of it is deserved and some of it is long in his past. Of all of the GOP candidates, Newt is the closest to the Anti-Obama. For that reason, I will vote for Newt.

A note about New Hampshire. Perhaps more than any place in the US, New Hampshire likes to prove the pollsters wrong. The polls had Romney in front in 2008 and he blew it to McCain. For whatever reason New Hampshire voters dislike being told what course they will chart. Graniteheads are stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.

I predict a Romney win but I doubt if it will be the 40% that the smart guys have forecasted. One of the NonMitts will surprise the pundits. Most likely, that NonMitt is Newt Gingrich.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Retro Thursday: In Quest of Perfect Satire

Were it not for "MAD" magazine, I would be illiterate. Not only did "MAD" foster a deep appreciation of all things satirical, it established a firm distinction as to what constitutes satire. Terri Gross has made me cringe on many an occasion by identifying a political humorist as a satirist. They are not necessarily the same creature.

Recognizing that satire is a niche subject, and analysis of satire is a niche within a niche, I will keep the discussion brief. However, it does need to be noted that satire involves the element of exaggeration of a person's tendencies. Tina Fey's "I can see Alaska from my house," may or may not be funny, but it is not satirical. Whereas, William Shatner reading Sarah Palin's own words with jazz accompaniment, is certanly satirical.

Satire has never had its golden age is that it depends on folly, injustice and an inflated sense of importance. Someone like Roseanne Barr might be a worthy target of satire but justice has already spoken on this matter. The public has decreed that Roseanne is unworthy of our attention and thus, she has been removed from the court of public attention. Who would argue with that verdict?

But the folly of the Obama cult is alive and well. Herein, lies the universal silliness of mass movements and the worship of cult leaders. Those are the generalities. The details make for an even richer satirical canvas. Our best and our brightest proudly making asses of themselves such as we have never before seen. The ever-present hubris that screams "I am famous and I am better than you," as the rich and renowned proclaim their allegiance to a man they know nothing about. A grown man explaining that he is supporting Obama because he wants "a world without fear." I am sure that a phobia-free planet would be nice but if it involves drinking Kool-Aid I will huddle with the frightened masses longing to be free.

First, let us look at the original subject in all of its glory (4.5 million youtube hits plus countless reposts that garnered countless more viewers.)


We follow this with what should be a charter induction into the Satire Hall of Fame. Should that building ever be constructed, this gem will be the very first exhibit to greet the ticket holder. (Originally posted here 7/22/11)


As great as the preceding video happens to be, it is surpassed by an even better satirical statement. In the second study, the audio is also manipulated for editorial affect. This is Affirmed nipping Alydar at the wire.


I grew to love this song over time, although I now prefer the "We Are Borg" version. How sweet it is!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why I Am Not Wild About Rick Santorum Or Let The Backlash Begin

Yes, I like Santorum more than Obama. Not much more, but a little more. But if not for Rick Santorum and other Republican big spenders, Obama would never have been elected president. Should he win the nomination, Santorum's campaign slogan should be "Lesser of Two Evils."

Let's review. From 2000 to 2006 The GOP held both houses of Congress as well as the White House. This had not happened in our lifetimes. The Elephants were given the keys and what did they do? They boldly stuck their middle fingers in our faces. They spit in our eyes and twisted cold steel in our backs and giggled like school girls. They betrayed us on a scale unprecedented. Somewhere, Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold shared a chuckle.

I have so many grievances with the 2000-2006 Republicans that I cannot list them all. They instituted no significant reforms and spent money like drunken Democrats. Had they instituted interstate health insurance purchases, Obamacare would never have gotten off the launching pad. Had they allowed ANWAR drilling and expanded offshore drilling we would now be a more secure country. If Congress had supported Bush's efforts to reform Social Security, we would not be now kicking that darn can down that well worn road.

There is much to dislike about the 2000 to 2006 Republicans but the most repulsive characteristic is they sent us further into debt. This is bad in and of itself but it also gave the Dems license to spend in a manner of flagrant recklessness when they ultimately took control. I am glad Trent Lott is gone (although I wish he had gone farther than K Street.) I am glad to see Bill Frist treat Haitian babies pro bono. Washington's loss was Haiti's gain. I am glad to see Tom Delay dance with stars and dance with lawyers deep in the heart of Texas. I can't say that I missed Rick Santorum either.

Liambaugh and Hannity et al propped up the traitors every step of the way. Hannity nauseatingly explained that the GOP had "lost its way." I for one, adamantly reject the Hansel and Gretel explanation to describe these traitors. These were rotten apples. Rotten to the core.

But then we hit rock bottom and the Tea Party was launched. No use complaining about the Republicans of yesteryear. They were long gone. Or so we thought. Returning from an 18 point grave, Rick Santorum has come back to haunt us.

Not surprisingly, Santorum has emphasized his inherent moral superiority this time around. Good idea because his record will not hold up to scrutiny. Look at my shiny halo and forget all about my track record. If I were an unscrupulous campaign manager I would direct just such a strategy. This worked well for Huckabee in 2008 when the governor emphasized his deep moral beliefs over his Arkansas unnatural disasters. To paraphrase Peter Townsend, "We all get fooled again."

The Tea Party has no clear cut choices. We can elect Dr. Ron and trust that the Iranians play nice with their nuclear toys. Perry will not recover from his 53 second blackout in this cycle. Bachmann is no longer on the menu. Mitt and Newt are looking better all the time.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Deceptive Statistic

A lot of observers have made note of the dwindling Democrats. Fewer people are registering D recently. Don't make too much of that stat. This happens when an incumbent is running unopposed. Even if you are an Obama supporter, why turn out in the primary to vote for him? If one registers undeclared or Republican(Republican in those closed primary states)one can actually influence the outcome of a primary. A lot of Republicans temporarily left their party in 2004 to vote for Al Sharpton and Wesley Clark and Dick Gephardt and John Forbes Kerry.

This probably has a lot to do with Ron Paul's strong polling.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Blog Deferred

The Obama era is not over and it would be imprudent to get ahead of ourselves. The media industrial complex is the ongoing biggest story of our day. The media is water and we are fish. In the person of their hero, Barack Obama, the media reveal their ruling class souls for all to see. So as long as The King of Hope is on the scene, I will joust with the media windmills.

I have this fantasy that someday an elite member of our ruling class will announce to the world that Obama was a joke that got out of hand. The shrewd insider will announce to the world that he and his cabal buddies grew bored selling global warming to the gullible. They wanted to flex their PR muscle in the Super Bowl World Series Idol Derby Battle Royale of Public Relations. They chose to take the ultimate PR challenge. They would take a nobody and make him president. They might even get the empty suit a Nobel Prize to boot.

But the cabalist has not come forward to claim responsibility for a joke that went too far. So until Chauncey Gardner goes back to doing whatever it is community organizers do, we will continue to investigate the only unvetted president in US history. If we can survive the Obama Era where then do we focus our attention?

I would love to someday develop a website that deals with the semantics of politics. It is a subject that we don't spend enough time on. Political discourse has always turned me off. Limbaugh and Coulter and Savage to name a few love to bash liberals. Do they even know what liberalism is? Why would Milton Friedman or John Stossel call themselves classical liberals? Maybe because they owned dictionaries?

Liberal and conservative are not polarities. One can be both. One can be neither. Neither is what rules the day. Elitism negates the worthiest aspects of both liberalism and conservatism. Anti-intellectualism, as in the Occupy Movement, is neither. Religious cults, and I would include Obama loyalists in this category, are neither l nor c.

From my perspective, the most heated rivalry will be between fiscal conservatives and social conservatives. The two ideologies are incompatible. I doubt if they can coexist in harmony.

But for now, political rivals of all stripes are uniting against the biggest fraud in the history of Planet Earth. Until that fraud is addressed, we stand united. I can't wait for this nightmare to end.