Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is Obama Still Smoking Crack?

So Obama rated himself #4 on the all-time great presidents list? And CBS covered it up? Which is the bigger story?

Lincoln, FDR, LBJ. I'll take Lincoln. The other two were disasters. FDR never brought us out of the Great Depression. But he did lead us through World War II so he wasn't a total flop.

$6 trillion in new debt, the highest unemployment since The Great Depression, energy policies OPEC could only dream of, a battered dollar, an expensive and potentially disastrous health care overhaul bill and much, much more.

We knew this guy was not lacking in the self esteem department but fourth best? Just what is he smoking?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Guess I Picked The Wrong Year To Jump Off The Ron Paul Band Wagon

Yes, if there were no rogue nuclear nations and possibly millions of jihadists, I would still be a Ron Paul supporter. I agree with Mitt Romney that we will be Greece writ large with no one to bail us out. But I do not trust the GOP establishment to usher in an age of fiscal responsibility.

Ron Paul proposes a $1 trillion/year decrease in spending. Action of this scale is essential if America is to recover from the destruction of extreme debt. Will the GOP establishment acknowledge the obvious? Probably not.

Watching Fox News last night, I saw Fred Thompson throw his hands up in the air (figuratively) and ask his guests why in the world would someone support Ron Paul. None of the jerks replied "because he is the only candidate who recognizes the severity of our fiscal problems." For all their Bama-bashing the GOP does not seem to have learned any lessons of the past six years. They are not proposing bold distinctions from Obama. What did Reagan say about pastels?

On the same program Dick Morris slammed Ron Paul for his economic policies, specifically his advocacy of the gold standard. Morris went on to state that the gold standard prolonged the Great Depression. Uh oh!!! Morris embraces fiat currency? He buys into the Keynesian model much like Paul Krugman? GFM (Giant Moan.) With friends like Dick Morris, who needs Obama?

BTW, I do not necessarily advocate for the gold standard but it would be better than what we now have.

More disturbing GOP blather. Mitt Romney has joined the chorus of "China manipulates their currency." So Mitt, do you prefer a strong dollar or a weak dollar? I prefer "King Dollar" policies but we seem to be sailing on different ships. Is it too late for Kudlow to get in the race?

Ron Paul has not ruled out a third party run should he lose the GOP nomination. If this happens, we will have at least four more years of Obama. My opinion is that Paul is holding out support for other candidates until they show respect for his voting base and respect for their concerns. If Paul helps Obama get elected, do not blame Paul or the Paulists. Blame the mushy Obama Lite, lesser of two evils, reach across the aisle, compromise is strength Republican base.

Four more years?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Worship: The Obama Halo

I am still amazed that a prissy ass community organizer with no resume (not a thin resume, a resume so lacking in essential elements, like transcripts for instance, to disqualify the use of the noun as it is normally employed) won the 2008 presidential election. There were a lot of reasons to expect an Obama backlash before election day but one Obama facet lead the pack: THE CHEESE FACTOR!

Yes, THE CHEESE FACTOR! At some point I expected a hyperstylish America to reject Obama for the campaign's unbridled pandering. Yes, I expected a backlash of substance, such as it is, but I also expected a backlash of style. The first "American Idol" candidate would be rejected by the people who would never admit to watching such a cheesy show. The cooler than thou folks would distance themselves from The Cheese Makers. HA!

A quick disclaimer. These images are copyrighted but this is an example of a fair use exclusion.






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43. Reagan for President, "It's morning again in America" Tuesday Team, 1984
44. Winston cigarettes, "Winston tastes good--like a cigarette should" 1954
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58. Levy's Rye Bread, "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's Rye Bread", Doyle Dane Bernbach, 1949
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78. Molson Beer, Laughing Couple, Moving & Talking Picture Co., 1980s
79. California Milk Processor Board, "Got Milk?", 1993
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82. Carling Black Label beer, "Hey Mabel, Black Label!", Lang, Fisher & Stashower, 1940s
83. Isuzu, "Lying Joe Isuzu", Della Famina, Travisano & Partners, 1980s
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91. Motel 6, "We'll leave a light on for you", Richards Group, 1988
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93. IBM, Chaplin's Little Tramp character, Lord, Geller, Federico, Einstein, 1982
94. American Tourister, The Gorilla, Doyle, Dane Bernbach, late 1960s
95. Right Guard, "Medicine Cabinet", BBDO, 1960s
96. Maypo, "I want my Maypo", Fletcher, Calkins & Holden, 1960s
97. Bufferin, Pounding heartbeat, Young & Rubicam, 1960
98. Arrow Shirts, "My friend, Joe Holmes, is now a horse", Young & Rubicam, 1938
99. Young & Rubicam, "Impact", Young & Rubicam, 1930
100. Lyndon Johnson for President, "Daisy", Doyle Dane Bernbach, 1964

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And on and on and on. I tried to weed out the parodies but in the case of Barack Hussein Obama, the bullshit is so blatant that the original material could pass as spoofery. As far as I know these are all productions of either the Obama Campaign or the mainstream media (yes, that probably is a redundancy.)

I was by no means the first person to notice the halo. There are some other historians who explored the assorted hagiographies in more detail. We might return to them when we revisit this subject in the future. For now, this post serves as a worthy introduction to the sleaziest and cheesiest (but oh so effective) undeclared advertising campaigns in the history of Planet Earth.

Hope and Change.