Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Will Shed No Tears For The Pampered One When His Opponents Fight Back.

Yes, it took me a long time to dislike the puppet-in-chief. I disliked Axelrod and Emanuel but I thought the empty suit was not worthy of contempt. As the veil is slowly lifted we are seeing a monster emerge.

The vile personal attacks on first Palin, then Bachmann, then Cain, then Bachmann once more tell us a great deal about the character of Obama and his minions. In 2008, John McCain apparently took a dive. Palin bashed the Chosen One but the rest of the campaign was all about playing nice. The coronation arrived and Team Chicago never stopped attacking.

In early 2009 Obama's henchmen dredged up Levi Johnston to bash the Palins. This seemed odd because Sarah Palin was no longer a candidate and had gone back to serving as governor of Alaska. I cannot remember a time when political character assassination continued immediately after an election. Team Chicago was playing by a different set of rules.

Team Chicago continued the full court press even after Sarah Palin resigned as governor. They stalked her family and continued a relentless smear campaign culminating in Joe McInniss's discredited book. Team Chicago's attacks were vicious and nasty and frequently dishonest. There was no honor, virtue or sense of fair play. Just a long series of personal attacks. Karma has a way of manifesting itself but let's hold that thought for now.

The Palin attacks were followed up by a series of baseless personal attacks on Michele Bachmann. Bachmann's numbers fell as Herman Cain's ascended. Then we saw the Cain smear campaign. Four anonymous women from long ago. Wait. One of them has a name and a face. And she is represented by Democratic hack Gloria Allred and she lives in David Axelrod's building. The scandal never passed the smell test.

Obama has enjoyed unending praise from his minions in the press. His critcs have mostly offered criticism of his performance and not his person and his family has been rightfully spared. Part of this fair play is practical. Obama's job performance is so awful, there is no need to take a cheap shot.

But the opposition to Obama has grown personal. Yes, he is a presidential failure and trumpetiing his ineptitude will serve his opponents well. Do remember that a hell of a lot of people love Sarah Palin. A hell of a lot of people love Michele Bachmann. A hell of a lot of people respect Herman Cain and not many people think he deserves public humiliation and baseless attacks.

Let us return to that Karmic Wheel which is now completing a four year cycle. This time around, the gloves will come off and I don't think Team Chicago will like it. Even if the GOP nominates a play nice candidate in the image of John McCain, third parties will pick up the slack. Third party messages were missing in 2008. They will hit full force in 2012.

Obama has a lot to be concerned about. There are impersonal stories that got overlooked. His relationship with Tony Rezko. His wife's $379k no show job that was created shortly afte he became senator and was not filled when she went to Washington. Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright might also return to the spotlight. Oh and who financed Obama's education?

Then there are those matters that we might call sordid. There are a lot of rumors about Obama that have not been highlighted because his opponents have taken the high road. Hillary is credited with recruiting Larry Sinclair while the Republicans have stuck to the issues. But if Team Chicago is going to destroy the reputations of good people, I see more Sinclairs in Obama's future. Lots of Larrys this time around.

Is Obama a Muslim? My opinion is that a man is entitled to his own beliefs and some of my friendliest acquaiantances are Muslim. And I will continue my politically correct speech and state that we should always distinugish between Islam the religion and Islam the political force. It is the latter that should concern us. Jihad, terrorism, anti-semitism and the slaying of Christians. It is not the religion of peace that Obama has embraced. It is an ugly, dangerous political cartel that the president has befriended. He might pay a heavy price for this friendship.

What if Obama is an affirmative action beneficiary? What if he flunked math or basic economics? What if he wrote college papers that could be construed as anti-semitic? What if he advanced theses that were pro-Marxist or otherwise anti-American? There is a reason why Obama refuses to release his transcripts. What is that reason?

And let us never forget Obama's Marxist-sympathizing family, his "Uncle Frank" and "the little red church." This area is ripe for exploitation even if one minimizes speculation. Obama might well be the real life Manchurian Candidate.

I don't like public humiliation and I don't enjoy the downfall of public figures. But is this case I am willing to make an exception. Team Chicago are a bunch of thugs. There is nothing noble, good or virtuous about these slobs. Nothing. Truth means nothing to them. Nothing at all.

While Obama's opponents took the high road (Hillary notwithstanding) Team Chicago always went low. The instincts of the bottom feeder. Every legitimate criticism was met with a charge of racism. Every political rival (and their families)was trashed, truth be damned. But anyone can play the Alinsky game. And if one resides in a glass house and happens to have an Achilles Epidermis, one might consider the merits of tossing beanbags.

Do I believe in karma? Short answer: "Not exactly." But I believe in something like karma. And that something like karma can be a real bitch. Team Chicago might just get a dose of her own medicine. It could be a bitter pill to swallow.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Welcome to The Twilight Zone

My life is wound so tight that if one thing goes wrong--car trouble, computer problem, power outage, lost item--everything seems to unravel. It's been twenty two days since I last blogged. In that time I had a lot of comments but I have kept them to myself.

Frustration is at its peak when I want to say a dozen things at once. I continue to fall behind in my commentary and I have to toss a few subjects overboard. At a time like this, it is best to state the most important issue first.

We live in "The Twilight Zone." Some things I have figured out and other things have gotten so damn weird that I am willing to consider time travel or aliens or Masonic mind control or the new and improved Illuminati as influences. America has become part George Orwell, part Rod Serling, part George Noory. It's not liberal vs. conservative, or left vs. right and it might transcend insider vs. outsider.

In some ways I was right about Obama. I thought we would have a significantly higher debt, higher unemployment, a weaker dollar, a stagnant if not weakened stock market, higher prices in general and higher energy prices in particular. My fears materialized. What I did not foresee is that three years into his presidency, we still have not vetted Barack Hussein Obama. Strange days have found us.

Truthfully, I thought the press would turn on the the chosen one. His Humpty Dumpty moment would sell as many copies as Obama's meteoric rise to stardom. They always betrayed their creations. Always. Build them up and tear them down. Two stories in one. For the first time in my life the press has chosen to refrain from massive profit and greater circulation and increased viewership. We are witnessing a massive conspiracy of silence.

One reason to dismiss a conspiracy theory is too many conspirators. If everyone is a participant, it is not much of a conspiracy. It is just human nature. The press loved Bill Clinton but they are who they are and they exposed his intimate secrets as predictably as Larry Flynt exposed Jackie Onassis. News is, or was, their meal ticket. No one is breaking from the pack.

We would learn more about Joe the Plumber twenty four hours after his inadvertent media baptism than we would learn about Barack Hussein Obama three years after he was elected president. Yes folks, that is weird. Bizarre. Unreal.

Has the press been hijacked by a sinister organization who practice covert rituals and secret handshakes? I don't know. But something has happened. Please excuse me if I am a bit skeptical of biographies called either "The Bridge..." or "The Promise..." No, the flood gates have not opened.

Weirder than the mercenary press harnessing its own voracious greed is the lack of curiosity of tens of millions of Americans. We have to ask ourselves, "Did the gray aliens put something in the water?" Whatever else one might say about Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy, the public had a good idea who these men happened to be. Their elections were a series of informed choices.

Not so, Obama supporters. Don't ask, don't tell still reigns in Obamaland. You can skip over the birther stuff and he is still an international man of mystery. The White House refused to answer questions about his umm, irregular social security number. Obama has never released any of his transcripts. The ultimate narcissist refuses to flaunt his glowing achievements? Come on.

The press ignores the eccentric Dunham family and their relationship with Franklin Marshall Davis and their attendance at the little red church. An unusual interest in Marxism is present on both sides of Obama's family. The only friend from Occidental to go public was John Drew, a college Marxist who would denounce his ideology (to the disapproval of a young Barack Obama) before graduation.

We know almost nothing about Obama's Columbia classmates. gets testy about this issue and then identifies Phil Boerner and one anonymous woman who recalls playing soccer with him. In fairness, he did contribute to a leftist newspaper called "Sundial."
Snopes located a Sohale Siddiqi who seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. They also located exactly one teacher, Michael L. Baron. When Obama said he chose his friends carefully, he really meant it.

Obama supporters are not curious as to who financed Obama's education (he did not disclose any student loans in any of his election filings.) Obama supporters don't want to know who wrote the massive stimulus bill that was just sitting on a shelf when Congress was in recess or the 2,700 page monstrosity that would become known as Obamacare. Can't be bothered.

The media and Obama followers don't seem to care just what Obama did as a community organizer. Spreading hope and change I guess. We make jokes about drinking the Kool-Aid but something happened. Something weirder than weird happened. Something inspired the loyal masses to faithfully install their mental blinders and to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Welcome to "The Twilight Zone."