Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll!

I am still carrying the torch for Sarah Palin and if she gets in the race I might have to dump that Michelle girl and that might just break her heart. But Bachmann has excellent Tea Party credentials and the media elite hate her almost as much as they hate Sarah, so she would be my choice.

Congratulations Representative Bachmann!

Sellebrity Saturday: In Quest Of Perfect Satire

Were it not for "MAD" magazine, I would be illiterate. Not only did "MAD" foster a deep appreciation of all things satirical, it established a firm distinction as to what constitutes satire. Terri Gross has made me cringe on many an occasion by identifying a political humorist as a satirist. They are not necessarily the same creature.

Recognizing that satire is a niche subject, and analysis of satire is a niche within a niche, I will keep the discussion brief. However, it does need to be noted that satire involves the element of exaggeration of a person's tendencies. Tina Fey's "I can see Alaska from my house," may or may not be funny, but it is not satirical. Whereas, William Shatner reading Sarah Palin's own words with jazz accompaniment, is certanly satirical.

Satire has never had its golden age is that it depends on folly, injustice and an inflated sense of importance. Someone like Roseanne Barr might be a worthy target of satire but justice has already spoken on this matter. The public has decreed that Roseanne is unworthy of our attention and thus, she has been removed from the court of public attention. Who would argue with that verdict?

But the folly of the Obama cult is alive and well. Herein, lies the universal silliness of mass movements and the worship of cult leaders. Those are the generalities. The details make for an even richer satirical canvas. Our best and our brightest proudly making asses of themselves such as we have never before seen. The ever-present hubris that screams "I am famous and I am better than you," as the rich and renowned proclaim their allegiance to a man they know nothing about. A grown man explaining that he is supporting Obama because he wants "a world without fear." I am sure that a phobia-free planet would be nice but if it involves drinking Kool-Aid I will huddle with the frightened masses longing to be free.

First, let us look at the original subject in all of its glory (4.5 million youtube hits plus countless reposts that garnered countless more viewers.)


We follow this with what should be a charter induction into the Satire Hall of Fame. Should that building ever be constructed, this gem will be the very first exhibit to greet the ticket holder. (Originally posted here 7/22/11)


As great as the preceding video happens to be, it is surpassed by an even better satirical statement. In the second study, the audio is also manipulated for editorial affect. This is Affirmed nipping Alydar at the wire.


I grew to love this song over time, although I now prefer the "We Are Borg" version. How sweet it is!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wisconsin: Great News For Political Junkies

In the old days, professional athletes worked construction in the off season. Training camps were designed for the purpose of "getting in shape." Then came a flood of dollars, strength coaches, speed coaches, specialty clinics, consultants, hypnotists...thus sprouted the proclamation: There is no off season.

Money is affecting politics in much the same way it changed professional sports. There is no longer an off season. While that maxim might already ring true, it is being accelerated by the Wisconsin recall elections. Six Wisconsin Senate seats are being contested not because the Senators got caught with their hands in the cookie jar or were stuck with the proverbial live girl or dead boy. No, there is no scandal. There is only the almighty dollar, an organized political machine, and most importantly, a deep change in political philosophy.

No longer are the outcomes of elections respected. "If we lose the election, we can win in the courts or via the Department of Department Department. If those measures fail, we will use our deeper pockets and the recall to get our way."

The verbiage of uncompromising tea partiers continues to pile up higher and deeper.Meanwhile, it is the anti-tea factions who cannot compromise. They hide out in neighboring states to prevent the formation of a quorum. They make every effort to smear and defame honest people who disagree with them. Even fairly won elections are subject to immediate rematch.

Wisconsin is probably a harbinger. The Democrats have deeper pockets. They have most of the millionaires and billionaires on their side. They can wear down opponents by staging elections every six months. And the Democratic Party no longer has the ethos of their forefathers. They will try to win at all costs, scruples be damned.

So, if you love politics, your future looks bright. No longer will we just be treated to a Fall lineup of thrillers and chillers. Now, we will also enjoy the Summer reruns. Great news for political junkies. Not sure about the rest of us.

Twofer Tuesday: Marcy Kaptur. My Favorite Democrat.



Monday, August 8, 2011

Media Monday: Dispelling The Myth That Fox News Is A Counter Balance To The MSM

John Drew went to Occidental and knew Barack Obama when Obama was an unabashed Marxist. This is highly significant because we still know little about Obama and also because Obama has never denounced his orientation. Obama has never shared a Road to Damascus experience with us. Apparently, Saul is still a sophomoric Saul.

Given the recent economic downturn, Obama's Marxism is even more signficant. His obsessive "millionaires and billionaires" verbiage in the face of economic disaster is concerning. It is possible that Obama just cannot get the big picture because of his political obsessions. Then again, maybe he wants to collapse the system. A bloodless coup.

For whatever reason Fox News does not want to talk to John Drew. According to Drew, he has contacted Fox News but thay see no need to put him on the air. John Drew's story is important. Help spread the word!







Sunday, August 7, 2011

Get On The Bus

It's past midnight on the East Coast but of course the blog is on Pacific Time. As this is being written the Asian markets have lost two to three per cent of their value. Will this trend spread to the US? Probably.

So with the world going to Hell, what does the President do? He gears up for a bus tour. That's right. He will be riding in his $1.1 million customized bus across battleground states in what happens to be a poorly disguised political campaign.

Understand, I am glad to see him back on the campaign trail. It is better for the country if he leaves Washington. It would be nice if this was a permanent vacation. No such luck.

This could be a political disaster. This guy has a record to defend this time around. Cheesy slogans just won't cut it. He might have to speak off the cuff here or there and that is never good. But it could get real embarrassing if the local Dems run for cover. The President comes to town and the governor and the senator and the dog catcher all happen to be busy that day.

I can't wait for the wheels to start rolling.

Reading The Tea Leaves Again

Try this at home. Read an online article that is either pro-Obama or anti-tea or politically correct. Read the text and then scroll down to the comments. We might have a Humpty Dumpty situation on our hands.

Case in point: A Fox News blog did a cover story 'Obama's Hip-Hop BBQ Didn't Create Jobs.' Get this, use of the word hip-hop is now considered racist. At least when Fox News uses the term. Never mind that hip-hoppers were on hand for the presidential bash. Racism!

A disturbing aside: Fox News scrubbed parts of the original story that Yahoo News called "incendiary." Be that as it may, the Yahoo News story is clearly disapproving of Fox News, either for this transgression or for cumulative and ongoing transgressions. One more "How dare they speak against the chosen one" hit piece. Yawn.

But Yahoo News leaves room for reader comments. Please read them. Even when the article is blatantly anti-Fox/pro-Obama-poor-poor-baby-waaaa the comments are overwhelmingly whiskey tango foxtrot.

Check it out.

Sunday Worship:Obamalism

Warning: This vid concludes with a message that might be construed as idolatry in some circles.