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How Low Are They?

President Obama's Approval ratings are so low now that Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the United States.

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Retro Thursday: Israel Talk Radio Analyzes Barack Hussein Obama

(Originally Posted December 7, 2010...I changed one typo. Can you identify the error?)

I was going to post this on Tuesday but Blogger posted it on Sunday. Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, can we now?

In fairness, the narcissism rap is tough for any politician to defend against. One Youtube commenter said "this describes every politician." To some degree, this commenter is correct. One thinks of Bill Clinton's troubled childhood and his ultimate adult personality. Or Ronald Reagan who became an actor for crying out loud and a man who readily admitted to hamming the spotlight. So perhaps, it's just a matter of degree?

I don't think it's just a matter of degree. From the onset of his campaign, Obama packaged and sold transcendentalism. From the fainting spectators to the "Obama Halo" to the goofball mantra of "Hope and Change," and dozens of points in between, it became evident that this guy had a sense of grandeur and his supporters were largely cult bait.

Obama would confirm his unusual narcissism with each passing day of his presidency. There were a few brave souls in the audience who pointed out that the emperor wore some silly ass threads. Vaknin was one of them.






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YAWN. The Debt Limit.

Like a lot of people I waited for this fight for a long time. Both the substance and the process. But for whatever reason, it is not holding my interest. Once more, the problem sees to be a lack of focus (or enthusiasm?) on the part of the Republican Party. Now is the time for a Boehner or Bachmann to circle the wagons as Gingrich did in 1994. Submit a unifying document and say to the RINOs and the elephants and tea sippers: You are with us or against us.

A new contract/compact or whatever gimmickry one might employ. What is needed is a concise set of values expressed in a succinct manner. We aren't getting that. Instead, Rupert Murdoch's downfall, as amusing and significant as it might be, has crowded out the budget battle. Once more, the GOP has allowed Obama and his media to define the talking points. They surrendered the high ground without a fight. Yawn.

Meanwhile, Obama looks more Nero every day. Whereas Nero fiddled, The O-Man perseverates on corporate jets. If his perspective was not already suspect, his recent obsession with millionaires and billionaires and their mode of travel should cement his legacy of cluelessness forever. Fiddle away, Mr. Emperor-In-Chief. Or yammer on about jets. We have stopped listening anyway.

A political pinata has emerged and the GOP leadership is lining up to hug the monster. Civility does not equal passivity. If you don't know the difference, then pass the leadership to someone else.

Is there a leader in the House?

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Steve Wynn Jumps Ship

I don't know why Wynn would support Obama (or Reid for that matter) but he did. Now he is disillusioned. Duh. Those of us who looked past the hype expected bad things from this president. This is pretty much what I expected from an Obama Administration but I think it will get even worse before it gets better.

I am not totally sympathetic with disillusioned Obama supporters. He let it be known during the campaign his positions on income redistribution, constitutional impediments, concentrated power and central planning. How can anyone be surprised that we have over 9% unemployment, each citizen owes about $42K and Washington is hostile to business in general? Smart people can practice willful blindness just as well as stupid people.


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Reading The Tea Leaves

Maybe Karl Rove will work for Obama and give America four more years of the chosen one. After all, the Obama Administration has more in common with The Bush Administration than it would have with an administration headed by Michelle Bachmann. And we know how much The Arcitect loathes Tea Party candidates.

It is going to take a political genius to resurrect the career of Barack Hussein Obama. I am no Scott Rasmussen but I do have my own indicators.
Indiactor # 1: Blog/web site commentary. Skip the conservative/rightist/tea party sites. Go to Yahoo or some other nominally impartial web site. The commentary that follows the news articles (usually AP fed) are overwhelmingly anti-Obama. A constant questioning of the man's values, his intellect as well as the intellect of his followers. Try it.

Next, go to an obvious partisan site like HuffPo. Even there, fawning pieces about the miraculous one are met with the more than occasional "cut the crap," "give it a rest" kind of comment. The loyalists are still the majority at most of these sites but their ratios are shrinking fast.

Even NPR has encountered a voice of dissention.

Here is a blog that makes fun of birthers. The only commnet supports birthers and considers the term derogatory. They also state that Obama is ineligible for POTUS for three seperate reasons.

And no, there is not a lot of spamming at these sites. Most comments are unique and reference an original article.

Indicator #2. Obama's High Water Mark Was 2008.

George Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 but won the electoral vote. In 2004, he picked up 12 million more voters, won both the popular and electoral vote and even won by a majority. There were public figures who did not publicly support him in 2000 but supported him in 2004. Zeb Miller, Ron Silver and Dennis Miller to name a few. People I knew personally voted for Bush in 2004 but not 2000. Bush improved his popularity in his first term.

Not so Obama. I have yet to hear one voice chortle "I did not vote for Obama in 08, but by golly I am going to support him in 2012." Not once. Nothing like that. And I hear people on TV and on radio say in essence " I vote for him last time but never again." I don't see that he has won over any new recruits. If he has, they are invisible.

Indicator #3: The Continued Slide of the Pro-Obama Media.

I don't know how much longer the networks can fund news (Fox notwithstanding.) If nothing else, there will be more Courics and their behemoth salaries tossed overboard. But when Fox has the 13 top cable news shows and their 3 AM time slot outdraws their rivals prime time players...And how much longer can NYT continue? Or "The Boston Globe?" Ohhh that bad ole Internet be takin our lunch money again. The only leftist news outlet that has held its own is NPR and it might just get defunded.

It looks bad for the inflated one. But then again, I didn't think he had a chance in 2008. He and Karl Rove might prove us wrong when the votes are counted.

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Sunday Worship: His Worship Truly Is Eternal (Or Unending Anyway)

The Road to Jonestown was paved with good intentions (and a lot of crappy videos.)