Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't Forget The Senate!

As an individualist, I am supportive of people acting in a manner that is best for themselves and their loved ones. But we all love the good soldier. The GOP Presidential field has never been so rich or so deep. There are a half dozen candidates I could get behind wholeheartedly and I would vote for every last one of them over Obama (Huckabee a possible exception.)

But what about the Senate? New York has Giuliani, Trump and possibly Pataki. All three of these leaders sat on the sideline as Chuck Schumer was annointed for one more term. The decidely lesser evil Gillibrand was also involved in an election for Hillary's old seat. None of them stepped up. This was unfortunate because a six year Senate offers the perfect launching pad to lift off a presidential campaign.

In 2012 Gillibrnad's seat is once more on the market and none of these leaders are stepping up. I should mention that I dislike all three candidates. Trump and Giuliani are publicity whores of the very worst kind. Pataki's claim to failure is that he could not get the WTC rebuilinding effort off the ground. And he wants to be president?

But I would take any of these dorks over Chuckles the Clown or Gillibrand. I have strong doubts about their loyalty but they could remove those doubts with a strong performance in the Senate. A Senate victory in 2012 would mean they would be free to pursue the presidency in 2016 while holding a position of real power.

A similar situation exists in Minnesota. I like Bachmann and Pawlenty seems like an OK dude. They can't both be president at the same time. So why doesn't one of them run for the Minnesota Senate in 2012? A victory there would earn our admiration more than a concession speech in Iowa.

And Gary Johnson is passing over a Senate challenge in New Mexico, as is John Bolton in Maryland. Come on, Bolton. Can you win your home state? If yes, come back and see us in four years. If no, we'll see you on Fox.

Same goes for Rick Santorum. He LOST his last election. Not the normal path to the presidency. Reclaim the seat you lost six years ago and you will look much more presidential. We don't see George Allen stumping in Iowa. There's a reason for that.

There is also a Florida seat up for grabs. The mega-wealthy could move there and establish residency in time for 2012. But that seat might also remain in the hands of the Dems.

Just a few free suggestions. Yes they are free for a reason. But wouldn't it be nice to reclaim the Senate and say "Hell No!" to the Kagans and Sotomayors? I can dream, can't I?