Saturday, March 5, 2011

You Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Larry Sinclair vanished from public view just prior to the election in 2008. He had a news conference at the National Press Club and the next thing we knew poor Larry was in the slammer. Well look out world Larry is back. He has a cheesy web site, a new book that he self published, Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair; Cocaine, Lies, Sex, and Murder and a lawsuit with three very unlikely co-defendants, Barns and Noble,, and Book-a-Million. Pretty good company for a poor boy.

It seems the plaintiff realizing Mr Sinclair had limited resources and no publisher to sue thought including the book sellers in the suit would increase his chances of remuneration. Mr Sinclair in spite of his cheesy web site and book sales does not have enough money to hire a lawyer. Lawyers for the co-defendants are not taking the suit in stride. Never, they argue, has a court held book sellers libel for the content of the books they sell. They could not do business if they had to fact check the 30 million titles they sell.

The plaintiff in the case, Dan Parisi, takes exception to Sinclair's description of him as a purveyor of Internet pornography and seeks $30 million in damages. Sinclair's defense is first, the statement cited as libelous is in fact true and second, that the plaintiff is a public figure. Dan Parisi a public figure! Who ever heard of Dan Parisi? Well the Clinton administration for one. They penned a nasty missive to Mr. Parisi. " We too believe in the First Amendment--and in humor, although we see nothing humorous in your use of the White House domain name to draw children and other unwitting Internet users to your Web site. However distasteful your business may be, we do not challenge your right to pursue it or to exercise your First Amendment rights, but we do challenge your right to use the White House, the President, and the First Lady as a marketing device".

The case has been continued until August 25.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Most Ethical Administration Ever!

Will Congressman Darrell Issa,chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, be adding insider trading to his list of investigations? Normally one would expect the Securities and Exchange Commission to handle the mundane business of trashing hedge funds and chasing down high profile miscreants such as Martha Stewart. But alas, the SEC is a target of Mr. Issa's committee and insider trading involves the Dept of Education. The most ethical SEC chairman ever, Mary Shapiro, is scheduled to testify before Mr. Issa's committee on Thursday concerning the most ethical SEC general council ever, David Becker who left his post last week. It seems Mr. Becker's deceased mother had invested with one Bernie Madoff and Mr. Becker was less than even handed in recouping her losses, so much so he is being sued by other Madoff victims.

Turning to the Dept of Education, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has obtained, through a FOIA request, 188 documents from the email account of the most ethical Undersecretary of Education ever, James Kvaal. It seems one of Mr. Kvaal's underlings, David Bergeron was corresponding with a hedge fund short seller, Steven Eisman. The subject of these emails was the effect proposed Dept Education regulation would have on the performance of the stocks of for profit colleges.

One thing is certain; Mr Issa has his work cut out for him.

The Obamamobile

GM sells 281 Chey Volts
And that was just in February. Can you imagine what its yearly sales will be? With almost every western nation on the verge of bankruptcy it should be clear to all that politicians just can't cut it in the world of business and finance. Even GM is not stupid enough to bungle a project this badly without Congressional input. Maybe if Mr. Obama would toss in a Presidential Medal of Freedom along with the $7000 rebate GM could move some tin. Maybe all Volt buyers could have a White House reception or have dinner with Joe Biden. And people think Charlie Sheen is crazy!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who's The Boss?

In the video below we see the downside of public sector unions at its worst extreme. The cop is claiming some sort of loyality to his oath of office to betray his office. He says that he and his fellow officers will not clear the State House as they have been ordered to do because he answers to someone other than the legal authority of the people of the state of Wisconsin.

My bet is the State House will get cleared even if the governor has to mobilize the National Guard to do it. But what are the other implication? Can counter protestors be assured of equeal protection under the law. The Tea Party has never been treated fairly by the media should they now expect unfair treatment from the law.