Thursday, January 27, 2011


This has been a tough winter in the Northeast. Last year, three major storms missed New England and landed in New York and the Mid-Atlantic states. This year we have not been so fortunate.

Cold weather and snow do not bother me like they bother some people. I would go crazy living in some place like Phoenix or Florida. I like distinct seasons. Having said that, one can certainly have too much of a good thing. Snow is time-consuming. A short commute becomes a long commute. A long commute becomes a part-time job with a mean boss and crappy benefits. My work situation was already less than ideal. Long commute. Long hours. Th ongoing storms ate away my flex time.

I had planned to wax poetic about the first storm of the year. About the personality of each storm. Compare and contrast. That has changed. Without cutesy names like we give hurricanes, my memory gets clouded. The ice and slush and powder forms one wintry mix in the icy soup of memory.

Snow and more snow. Global warming becomes climate change becomes climate disruption. For now, I have to shovel that climate disruption.