Saturday, November 13, 2010

One of The Funniest Videos I Have Ever Seen

Ok, this might not be as humorous as cheerleader mishaps, soccer stadia collapsing or the pure bliss of witnessing a fat chick fall off a trampoline, but this is good stuff. Whereas we might laugh WITH the pom pom girl who gets devoured by the team mascot, we clearly laugh AT the ignorance of the useful idiots who occupy America's Left. Yes, Amreica's Left in all their claims to intellectual superiority. Oh they are so, so brilliant. Sarah Palin? Bah Hah Hah! And BA-ROCK is, umm, how do you say Zgeen-yis? He is so smart. You cannot understand his brill-yance. You are too stoo-peed.

The dude at 1:10 gets the joke and his companion seems to get it too. For the rest of the crowd, all we can do is wish them hope and change.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Creating Jobs

Recently Glenn Beck wrote on his chalkboard that government does not create jobs. I have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Beck. I can name four quick government programs that produced more jobs than we can count.

1. TVA. The Tennessee Valley Authority...This program provided electricty to rural homes throughout the Southeast and laid the groundwork for an industrial base that is still thriving.

2. The Interstate Highway System...Need I elaborate?

3. NASA...NASA was not created for the purpose of sparking a dozen or so new industries but it did just that. From cordless power tools to water filtration systems to the smoke detector to cordless power tools, NASA laid the groundwork for a host of new industries.

4. DARPA/Internet...Need I elaborate?

In each of these examples, we are talking about relatively small amounts of money that spun off entire industries. This is especially true of NASA and the Internet. These programs represent our nation at its best.

Also in each of these programs, the government sent its funds to engineers to perform specific tasks. It's brutally simple. The environmentalists, the social workers and the silly ass academics were excluded from funding. We rewarded people who worked vs. people who obstruct work.

I wish we had high speed rails to compete against the airlines. I wish for a lot of things. But I don't necessarily advocate for my wish list because we live in an era of incompetence and rampant corruption. Compare the costs of laying a cross continental highway system vs. Boston's Big Dig. The Big Dig was laden with excessive costs overruns and they were met with a collective shrug. It's sad that we just accept corruption and incompetence as part of the game. See New Orleans for exhibit B.

The Department of Energy never fulfilled its stated mission. Why? Overpoliticalization? A pork barrel mentality? Poor administration? The rise of environmentalists and silly bastards our fathers and grandfathers would have laughed at? I don't know.

We can add HUD and Department of Education to a longer list of programs that drained our resourcs but have little to show for results. I don't know if TVA or our highways could be built today and if they could, I don't know if we could control costs. It is hard to seperate fiscal recklessness from systemic corruption. But it is essential that we start to do so.

We rarely examine why some government programs succeed beyond their stated mission and some of them are forever trust fund babies. It might serve us well to look at these things. This goes beyond administration or political party or coalition. Should we more closely scrutinize these issues?

Nah...Just send us a check.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Obama In The Room

I did not want to speculate about what the Dems might do in 2012 until after 11/2. Now we can faintly hear the cauldron bubble and it's only a matter of time until Obama is pushed aside. The damage he has done to our country can be dismissed by Democratic operatives. But leading their political party over a cliff? That wil not be forgiven.

There is blood in the water and the sharks are in a frenzy. The sardines will be scarfed up and the big fish will take a little break. They will then turn their attention to one another. Who's bleeding now? (How's that for nautical metaphor, Mr. Ayers?)

Inconvenient truth #2097. Obama cannot get on the Arizona ballot in 2012 without a valid birth certificate. Maybe the courts will overturn this legislation. Given the mood in Arizona, I doubt very much that it will be repealed. Meanwhile, the GOP has taken control of most state houses. Remember the slogan "We are all Arizona?" That might be reprised.

As bad as 11/2 was for the Dems, 2012 could be much worse. With a favorable name at the top of the GOP ticket and Bozo the Clown heading up the Dems, another sixty seats is possible. The Senate will be either a majority or a super majority.

The Dems are going to fish and cut bait. If you suffer from a festering woundyou might not want to hover near Howard Dean. Those knives are as sharp as ever.

My Good Friend, X

My good friend, X, is a rare liberal. That is, he does not seem to take offense if you disagree with him. Rare indeed.

X subscribes to "New York Times." He also reads "The Boston Globe" and he listens to NPR. X is amazingly well-informed. He understands the Mideast better than I ever will, though that does not necessarily say very much. He reads books like "Fast Food Nation" and practices vegetarianism. He is well-versed on matters related to animal abuse and animal cruelty. He could certainly make the case that I am ignorant on a multitude of subjects and I would not have anything to say in my defense.

X and I frequently see the world through different lenses. He seems to view the Tea Party candidates in exactly the way the Far Left portays them: Extreme, incompetent, stupid, crazy, dangerous. On most issues, X's opinions approximate the opinions of the editorial page.

Not too surprisingly, X voted for Obama. Only recently have we discussed the subject of our exalted leader. As of three or four weeks ago, X had never heard of George Soros. That surprised me. I expect the Hope Dopes to be unable to identify Soros (or right hand from left hand, big toe from pinky) but X is not a Hope Dope.

X and I chatted a few days after the election. I made the comment that maybe now Obama will be vetted. He did not know what I was talking about. I explained to him that Obama has never released his records from Occidental, Columbia or Harvard Law School (to say nothing of other records as well.) X had never heard about this. Apparently, NYT/NPR does not find Obama's secrecy newsworthy.

Obama's handlers have done a masterful job of spinning everything we know about the candidate and the president. They have focused on the Kenyan angle and Orly Taitz performance art to divert our attention away from everything, yes everything, in Obama's past. We know him only by what he has told us of himself in his two books. They might dumpster dive in Wasilla but there is no need to delve into their guy's past.

What will Obama's hidden records reveal? Maybe that he flunked math or wrote on the virtues of this ideology or that or that his narrative style did not resemble the narrative style employed in his books. They don't hire multiple law firms to cover up his membership on the debate team.

If there are bone chips in Obama's closet, the purveyors of high brow journalism will not find them. Obama's extreme secrecy would not have been tolerated by anyone else now or in the past. Not even the Kennedys were coddled to the degree that the chosen one has been coddled.

But then there was November 2 and high level Dems are running scared. Obama is the albatross around their neck and political winds can change swiftly. Hope is here and change might be right around the corner.

Monday, November 8, 2010

One More Thing About Last Tuesday's Elections

A lot of California seats were won by the Democrats because Jerry Brown was on the top of the ticket. He is still massively popular, especially in his home state. If I am not mistaken, he has only lost two elections in his entire life and those were presidential primaries. In each case, he lost to the eventual winner. Each time, he made it interesting and made the pundits wonder aloud as to whether or not he could have won had he run a more conventional campaign. Brown is a political phenom.

Now the question arises, can JB rescue California from financial ruin? The odds are certainly against him. But it might take a governor with a solid relationship with public unions to rein in the unions. There are rumblings that the Dems will find someone to run against Obama in 2012. I cannot see JB running in 2012 because he has a full plate in the Golden State. And he will be 78 in 2016. But he can be a force for the Dems nonetheless. Oh yes.
Bill Clinton made a point to mend their fences recently. There is a purpose behind every Clinton move. Keep an eye on California.

Media Monday: Rudy on "The View"


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friedman vs. Donahue

The problem with this setup is that Friedman could answer Donahue's question a dozen different ways and they would all make sense. While I cannot fault Friedman for his thoughtful reply, just once I wish someone would take the limousine liberals to task. Phil Donahue made millions every year by advertising products directed at his female audience. Was that not exploitation? If Phil is so opposed to capitalism, why did he not take a vow of poverty? A lot of people have gone down that road. If that is too extreme, why not work for PBS at PBS wages? Or refuse to work for more than the US median income? Or the world median income?

This vid is only 2 plus minutes and yet there is no much contained herein. One, is Donahue's body language. I am not an expert in this subject but here Phil reminds me of one of my high school teachers who was a leftist and a condescending know it all. They share some of the same mannerisms including the feigned listening pose. I like Friedman but Donahue weirds me out to the point that I have a hard time watching this.