Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where Do We Begin?

I picked a bad week to fall behind in my bloggging. So much going on. See if I can summarize.

1. If I could have spared one Democrat from a fate of forced retirement, I would have spared Ike Skelton. Thank you for your service, Congressman,

2. My favorite newcomer is Bobby Schilling. He is a pizza man who closes up shop on the Sabbath. He is the father of ten kids. The real life Mr. Deeds. It will break my heart if he sells us out.

3. The more I see of Marco Rubio, the more I understand why the Dems would want to kneecap this guy.

4. Keith Olbermann did NOT get suspended for making campaign contributions to political candidates. At $7.5 million he would be the most overpaid entity in entertainment if he was entertaining and he would be the most overpaid entity in the news world if he dispensed information. I don't know if he is the most overpaid person on the planet but he is certainly in the running for that distinction.
The idiots at MSNBC/NBC/GE are guilty of managerial malpractice and that is understating the situation. Olbermann was paid a megasalary to knock Bill O'Reilly off of his pedestal. O'Reilly is not even on top of his game and he routinely crushes Olbermann. Management is coming to grips with one of their numerous mistakes and they are doing whatever is needed to tank Olbermann and his massive salary. Shades of Don Imus here.

5. If the House does not investigate systemic voter fraud we need to elect a new Congress. Unfortunately, a new Congress of our choosing might not ever again be an option if we don't investigate systemic voter fraud.

6. I have no proof at all that the Dems dealt off the bottom of the deck in Nevada but it smells bad. Remind me to never again set foot in Harrah's.

7. Least Likely To Be Described As Beautiful Loser: Alan Grayson. And yet...even Grayson was in favor of auditing the Fed.

8. Audit The Fed.

9. An essay I have put ofF writing for two years is "My Economic Values." I need to cut to the chase and write the synopsis: I believe the strength of a currency is the most important economic indicator of all.

10. I am not thrilled with QE2. I don't trust Bernanke either.

11. Both major political parties are undergoing a civil war. The GOP skirmish might attract more interest but ultimately, The Dems will get uglier. Obama's most fervent enemies are not Conservatives or Republicans or Tea Party members but rather the disaffected Hillary voters. They did not "move on" and they did not "deal with it" or "get over it." These are largely decent people who take a dim view of voter fraud or the highjacking of their beloved party by ruthless thugs. This might have been the wrong hornet's nest to kick.

12. This comment from Hoosierman bears repeating. "We won big! It just doesn't feel like it. Now I read the Gop picked up 680 state legislators. ( may be the best outcome of the whole election."

13. A quick pep talk to Massachusetts voters: Don't get discouraged. You are taking on the political equivalent of the New York Yankees with what are now, rank amateurs. But those rank amateurs will be a little sharper in 2012, and your organization, the counter-machine, is coming along nicely. With the right name on the top of the ticket in 2012, the locals might just beat the Yankees next time around.

14. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed watching MSNBC this past week. Sure, they make us laugh but I sense that the clowns might be crying on the inside. To find joy in an ocean of sadness is commendable. But how much longer are they going to milk their victories in Delaware and Nevada? Could be a long time, because I don't see many more celebrations on their flat line horizon.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Body Count

This really is like an earthquake where the authorities discover bodies a few days later and the body count is adjusted upward. The GOP's victories at the local level were possibly more pronounced than at the national level. For the first time since 1964, the GOP controls the Legislative and Executive branches of the state of Maine.

Damn phone. I will post this as is.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Day After

Yes, there were some heart breakers. I love Sharron Angle. I love Ruth McClung. I like Paladino and I like Fiorina and Raese. Noble people, one and all.

And yes, the Machine is alive and well in Massachusetts. But then again, Rhode Island and Maine will have non-Democratic governors. There are cracks in the Connecticut machine and Blue Hampshire is now flaming purple and changing colors faster than the leaves.

Let us now rejoice. Tuesday was big! And we are just getting started. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. I don't have all of the state house results but the GOP seemed to make strides almost everywhere. In New Hampshire the Senate went from 10-14 GOP to either 18-6 or 19-5. Hope and Change.

The question remains, why did the Dems do much better than in the Senate than everywhere else? First, of the three Senate "classes" the 2010 group was probably the least favorable going into the race. Two New York races, California, Hawaii, Vermont, Delaware, Connecticut, Illinois and West Virginia are tough places for a Republican in any year. And Murray and Reid and Feingold had deep, deep pockets and a lot of special interests behind them. It's amazing the GOP won six seats without giving up a seat (Alaska has not been decided but it will not be won by a Democrat.) 2012 will be a more favorable year for GOP Senate hopefuls.

A second factor and perhaps the bigger factor to the Senate firewall is a subject that should be revisited over and over and over. Every election is now a referendum on the national media. The dinosaurs are still powerful but they are not ubiquitous. They can assist Coons and Reid and indeed they did. They tried oh so hard to elevate the compulsive liar named Conway but their magic fell short in the Bluegrass State. But they did try.

The national media spun the Senate races but they were not able to spin the gubernatorial (California and New York notwithstanding,) congressional and local elections. There just are not enough of them and even George Soros has to watch his pocketbook. But once more, media orthodoxy is the dinosaur in the room. We would be fools to not acknowledge its presence.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How I Voted

I am a registered unaffiliated voter in New Hampshire. These days I usually vote Republican but I am not a Republican. With that intro, here is how I voted.

For governor, I voted for Democrat Governor Lynch (his first name escapes me and I am too lazy to look it up.) I am phiosphically opposed to votingstraight ticket because I am opposed to political fundamentalism. I don't mind fiscally conservative Democrats and if we don't vote for the moderate types than what's to keep the whole party from becoming Pelosi puppets? Admittedly, if the Tea Party type had won the GOP primary I might have thought differently about this. As it is, I voted for Lynch, a gentleman and a man seemingly possessing common sense.

For senator, I voted for the Libertarian. I do not like Ayotte, despite her endorsement from Sarah Palin. The GOP had some viable Tea Party candidates in the primary, as well as the constituional conservative and great guy, Ovide Lamontaigne (Spelling? He would have gotten last place if it was a write-in campaign.) As mentioned previously, we chatted at the only Tea Party I ever attended and he impressed me. I voted for him and Ayotte won.
Admittedly, if the race was closer, I would bite the bullet and vote for Ayotte over the Pelosi monster the Dems put forth. He's a scary dude. But I voted for the Libby whose name I forget.

Now we come to the main course. I voted for Guinta for Congress. I know verylittle about him. He is/was mayor of Manchester and more importantly he is running against Carol Shea-Porter. The latter qualification sealed the deal. I would have voted for Alfred E. Newman over Porter. I would have crawled over broken glass to vote for OJ Simpson if he were the only candidate opposing Porter. I have never voted against anyone as vigorously as I voted against that monster who happens to be Pelosi's most loyal subordinate.
I am not usually visceral with my distaste for candidates but in Porter's case I have made an exception. You won't see any town hall meetings with this monster because she did phone conferences instead. But our relationship hit a nadir when I emailed her a point by point objection to Obamacare and she replied with a form letter email. I don't know if she broke a sweat when she delegated the form letter reply, but I can tell you I was not impressed.
Porter is EVERYTHING that is wrong with America. She was a social worker before going to Congress but she is as arrogant and entitled as any Kennedy or Daley or Cuomo. Arguably, she is more arrogant. Most of the priveleged Dems represent districts where they more or less reflect the will of the people. Porter is at best indifferent and more likely contemptuous of the will of the people.
No matter how the races turn out nationwide, if Porter wins, I will be miserable. On the other hand, if she loses, the silver lining will accomodate any sized cloud.
Go go Guinta. Or whatever the hell your name is.

On the rest of the ballot except one, I voted Republican. I don't like the direction the Dems have taken Blue Hampshire. Their misocapnic policies almost ran my friend out of business. He happens to own a tavern. Places like the VFW and the Polish Club are exempt from the smoking ban. So guess what happened to my friend's Happy Hour business? You guessed it. It tanked. That is just one grievance I have with the state Dems.

The lone exception to the non-GOP down-ticket choices was for sheriff. I voter for the woman who was running as an Independent. I know nothing about her but my experience is that anyone who runs for sheriff as an independent is eccentric in an amusing sort of way. Maybe she will register carnivores instead of sex offenders. I don't know. That's just speculation. I knew zero about the two major candidates, so I threw the dice.

As this is posted I am slightly nervous. I took the day off from work and I wanted to do a few errands. They won't get done. I just cannot concentrate on anything other than the results. Come on, seven-thirty.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quick Observations About the Stewart/Colbert Rally

1. The Cat Stevens/Ozzy/O'Jays thing was clever.

2. The press (AP filtered through AOL/Yahoo) was friendlier than it had been towards Beck or any Tea Party. Lots of "Funny Signs at Rally" sorts of links. As I recall, there were funny signs at Tea Parties too but they were labled racist.

3. Although it was officially non-partisan the Dems were there in force to register voters.

4. The crowd was younger than the Tea Party crowds but it was just as white. There may have been more African-Americans on stage than in the crowd. De facto racism? You decide.

5. Stewart and Colbert have been ruthless, vicious, brutal and mean to their political opponents for years. Now that their favorite butt buddy is on the ropes, they flash us the peace sign and call for civility. Insert laugh track here. Ha Ha Ha. Hee Hee Hee. Haw Haw Haw.

The Devil and Daniel Webster

I have nothing clever to add to this headline but I have been waiting for weeks for someone else to make mention that Alan Grayson is running against none other than...drum roll please...Daniel Webster.

Ooops...NationalReviewonline used this headline 4 days ago. Sorry.

It is poetic, no matter who turns the phrase first.

The Biggest Goliath on Tuesday?

Things could still tip the other way. The Mighty, Mighty Acorns could still work some last second magic and save the House for their benefactors. But it's unlikely. Heading into Tuesday, it looks like a tsunami will indeed sweep across this great land, as scheduled.

I wanted to guard against overconfidence and October surprises, so I did not sponsor a Biggest Goliath contest. But here goes. Who will be the biggest Goliath to fall on Tuesday?

No particular criteria to define the biggest Goliath. Sometimes parlor games are funnest before the Jello hardens. We should probably divide the game into House and Senate. And Harry Reid, by virtue (for lack of a better term) of reining as the Senate Majority Leader, will probably win the Biggest Goliath Award in the Senate. Then again, Boxer or Murray could bite the dust. But Fiorina is no David with a sling. So Harry might have a lock on this one.

In the House, the competition is intense. What if Barney, Dennis and James Oberstar all bit the dust on the same evening? Who is James Oberstar and how has he earned his Big Guy credentials? He has held his seat since 1974 and has been in politics for 48 years. He does not possess the arrogance of Frank or Kucinich, that seems a safe assertion. He is a pro-life Democrat, a man of the people who brings a lot of extrinsic knowledge to his job. A decent guy.

A decent guy but a tax and spend and control guy too. A good-hearted Goliath perhaps, but a Goliath nonetheless. And he is facing a formidable David in the person of Chip Cravaack.

Maybe the Three Giants will emerge unscathed. Then again, one or two or three of them might get a rock upside the head. If all three of them bite the dust, then the Biggest Goliath has to go to Barney. The other two seem like they are on borrowed time in blue collar districts. Make no doubt about it. The Biggest Goliath could be a Battle Royale.