Saturday, October 30, 2010

2 Days Till Election: American Hero


Sellebrity Saturday: Spike Lee on MSNBC. Before Barack and After Barack.

This is a time capsule that contains so many facets worth preserving and reviewing from time to time. It concludes with Spike Lee's holding up a "Down Goes McCain" sweatshirt. So much for Obama's theme of Unity.

There is more. So much more. Anything with Mike Barnicle deserves a stop-the-vid-and-explain moment. Mike Barnicle is an icon of privelege. At "The Boston Globe" he was a serial recycler, a serial fabricator and a serial plagiarist. The trifecta of modern journalism. But he has always landed on his feet because he has always sucked up to the right people. Everything I need to know about the ruling class I learned from Mike Barnicle. It is so appropriate that he was cast in a supporting role in this masterpiece.

But the epicenter of this magnum opus is at 4:18 when Spike Lee divides history into "Before Barack and After Barack." The obvious and sadly sincere comparison is with Christ. Some of us could see the folly of this parallel but even we, the skeptics, did not see immediately see ironic truth of Mr. Lee's statements.

Obama, for all of his obvious shortcomings, might well be a pivotal character in US and world history. Obama might represent the excess of corruption and greed and powerlust and privelege that pivots America in a new direction. Maybe he represents the end of an era where elitism and cronyism and insiderism rule the day. Maybe he represents the end of media-sanctioned secretivity. Maybe he represents the end of desructive economics. Of sanctioned anti-Americanism. Maybe Obama embodies the overkill that prompts a long-term "enough is enough" response.



Friday, October 29, 2010

Required Reading

I have long believed that intramural rivalries are more interesting than the more publicized rivalries the where story tellers focus their attention. This holds true in realms other than politics, as well. Intramural rivalries tend to be more visceral and more vicious. JFK vs. Humphrey and Johnsons is more interesting than JFK vs. Nixon. Carter vs. Reagan was not half as interesting as Carter vs. Kennedy. William Bulger vs. any and every Massachusetts Democrat is more interesting than Bulger or any other Massachusetts Democrat vs Weld, Romney, et al. Delay vs Armey...The list goes on and on.

There is currently a heated civil war within the Republican Party between the Tea Party activists and the establishment. It has gotten some media attention. What has escaped media attention is the Democratic Civil War. Let us not forget that Hillary was the first victim of Obama's thug tactics up to and including, voter fraud. She was called racist over and over and over. I have to confess that I have come to respect the Secretary for her grace and poise as she did battle with these gangsters and hooligans.

Our first required reading is from Hillbuzz. Hillary might have moved on but not all of her supporters are so sanguine about having their vote disenfranchised. Their wounds have not healed. They have festered over time.

After you read the Hillary supporter's open letter to Rush Limbaugh, read this interview from an unnamed source who is listed as a former White House insider. I am not a big believer in anonymous sources but this is just so damn plausible. If it is bogus, I will apologize to the President here at this blog.

This is a two part interview. Once you read part I, I guarantee you will read part II.

I was afraid that the midterms might be a bit anticlimatic. Then again they might be quite colorful and a prelude to a fireworks extravaganza such as we have never before seen. Please, please read these pieces.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Voter Fraud: Part I

The GOP hit the trifecta in 2000 with the White House, the Congress and the Senate. Contrary to the false narrative advanced over and over and over by the Whiner-In-Chief, the Democrtas regained control of the country in 2006, capturing all but the White House, which they would take in 2008. I have two grievances with the GOP in their six year mega-grip of the country. One grievance is what they did. The other is what they did not do.

There is no excuse for failing to address systemic voter fraud. None. We are now at the point where people are just resigned to voter fraud. A group shrug. Illegal immigrants will vote, mostly illegally. But in some places the Dems are trying to allow illegals to vote legally. I can't believe I typed that line. Illegals will vote legally. Sad, but that is true.

Meanwhile, there is an excelllent chance that the Armed Forces will not be given absentee ballots. This is not accidental, folks. Nor is it accidental that dead people vote in Philadelphia and Chicago and probably other major cities as well.

It is not accidental that SEIU has gotten itself involved in servicing voter machines. Is it accidental that early voters in Boulder City "accidentally" voted for Reid instead of Angle? I think not.

Voter fraud is real. 99% of the time it is the Democratic Party performing the cheating. It will affect senate and gubernatorial races more than congressional races because most of the fraud takes place in major cities. Congress is our last hope of restoring the republic.

Congress needs to investigate systemic voter fraud. The Dems will not do this. They don't won't to send their cronies to jail and concede power. Only a GOP-controlled house can perform this task. Rephrase. Only a GOP-controlled house with brains and gonads and guts can perform this task.

We can dream, can't we?

All We Need To Know About Obamanomics

Certain economists have devoted their lives to the addressing one question: How do governments maximize revenue? Art Laffer is the best known but there are others. Laffer pointed out what would later be obvious. That optimum taxation is not always higher taxation.

Zero taxation will produce zero government revenue. But 100% taxation will produce only slightly more revenue because people will stop working. What then, is the optimum level of taxation (for yielding government revenue. The optimum revenue for the individual is zero.)

Art Laffer invented the Laffer Curve. He discovered that when we tax beyond a certain level (roughly 28%,) government revenue declines. Technically 28% is not a magic number but optimum taxation is certainly in that neighborhood. In some years and some places 27% might yield higher revenue. In other places and times, 30% might yield more revenue. Laffer's enemies have tried to discredit his work by disputing minutiae.

But rest assured that a 28% tax rate will yield more government revenue than a 39.6% rate of taxation. Obama knows this but he does not care. What he calls "fairness" is a seething hostility towards all who have and will prosper. When we raise tax rates beyond the optimum rate of return, almost everyone loses. The taxpayer certainly loses but so does our national defense, our welfare state, our schools, etc., etc., etc. Who wins?

The winners are the envious. Not the fleeting envious. That group would include all of humanity at one time or another. No, I am referring to the bitter slobs who have adopted envy as a preferred lifestyle. These are the people who stay awake at night tormented by the fact that someone, somewhere, has prospered. Sad but true, Obama is one of those people.

Obama is willing to burn down the house to kill the mice. Then at last, we will attain "fairness." Or so it seems. The problem with hypertrophied envy is that it can never be satisfied. Never. The residents and occupants and butlers and chamber maids and the family dog flee the burning house in an unfair manner. They will be asked to make sacrifices.

Sacrifices are necessary for envy to triumph. Envy in the guise of fairness will continue to rule our day. Hope and change.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WildCard Wednesday: Has The US Started To Control The Weather?

Since Katrina, the US has been almost hurricane-free. For five years the hurricanes skirt the coast and drift off to the north Atlantic. There has been some rain and wind but no real damage to life or property.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why We Vote: "Do As I Say..."

It gives me no comfort that some of my best friends and closest relatives are political fundamentalists. No comfort at all. It does sadden me that their minds are made up on all things political. They are waving the pennants for their favorite team. Facts be damned.

In this election, we are not battling foes who see things differently. We are battling foes who see absolutely nothing. The legal term for this "willful blindness." Their minds are made up on everything so don't ask them to read a book or even view a short video. They would rather chant "Hope and Change" and launch ad hominem charges of racism against all who do not follow their leaders.

On November 2, I will vote. I don't hold unreasonable ideals or expectations but I will be voting against American Elitism. I use the term American Elitism to describe our own peculiar expression of this ism. Yes, I uncategorically object to elitism, the idea that experts are better at running our lives than we are. But whatever alse one can say about the merits of defaulting to the judgments of an enlightened hierarchy, the waters get muddied when we acknowledge that American Elitism is based on many things except merit.

I will vote against an elitism premised on deception. Philosopher kings and European aristocrats will not be on the menu. We get to either reject elitism in its ugliest, most dysfunctional, most destructive manifestation or we sign on as followers of the biggest hypocrites Planet Earth has ever produced. We are not just rejecting cult leaders, we are rejecting the worst cult leaders in history.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Items From My Mailbox: Morris Via Newsmax. The SuperPAC

An Urgent Message From Our Sponsor

From the Desk of Dick Morris

Dear Newsmax Reader:

Earlier today I announced a goal of matching — within 72 hours — the $1.5 million we had already raised and allocated to send 100 Democratic members of Congress to the unemployment line.

Here’s the update. So far, we’ve gotten an incredible response, with our total now over $1.7 million — that's more than $200,000 in just two hours!

But we still have a gap to fill to meet the goal. The clock is ticking. Time is short.

I have set a goal of raising $3 million by Saturday night — this Saturday — and I need your help to do it!

We believe a Republican Congress is at hand — IF we can saturate the airwaves during the crucial last week of the campaign. Obama and Pelosi could see a meltdown on Election Day.

It would be a huge mistake to coast to Election Day in overconfidence.

Although 100 Democratic members of Congress are on the ropes, don’t count them out until they’re knocked out!

It’s urgent to send 100 Democrats packing so that a Republican Congress can stop Obama’s agenda and REPEAL Obamacare before it becomes a living nightmare!

Imagine what it would be like to get “healthcare” from Obama — courtesy of the federal government:

Your healthcare would be rationed.
A government death panel could decide your fate, as Sarah Palin pointed out.
Seniors who paid into the system their whole lives will have their benefits slashed, as procedures will be sharply curtailed.
You’d have no freedom to see the doctor YOU want.
A government committee would tell your doctor how to practice medicine.
Your taxes would have to be raised even higher to pay for this “free” program.
Pelosi and Obama rammed Obamacare through their Democratic Congress against the will of the American people. Now it’s time for patriotic Americans like you and me to throw 100 rascals out of Congress, take back America, and repeal Obamacare!

Chief among them is Barney Frank, one of the most notorious liberals in Congress.

He has been a key soldier in Nancy Pelosi's radical agenda — and now even Massachusetts voters are saying enough is enough. His Republican challenger has been gaining in the polls and could defeat Frank!

It bears repeating that the upcoming election could produce a sea change in Congress, making it possible to repeal Obamacare.

Your gift will help expose and defeat 100 Democrats, Democrats such as Barney Frank.

It will stop Obama’s agenda COLD! Remember: This is the most crucial week of the campaign.

If you’ve given already, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Could you consider sending another gift to help us meet the goal?

Please donate here now

Thanks for your help.

Dick Morris

An Urgent Message
From the Desk of Dick Morris

We Are Approaching a Defining Moment in Our Nation's History . . .

The Decisions Made in the Days Ahead May Determine Whether Our Country Triumphantly Returns to Greatness or Staggers Closer to Collapse. . .

Your Help and Your Voice are Needed to . . .

Reclaim, Rebuild,
and Restore
Our America!
Join Your Fellow Americans to Usher in a
Brighter Future for Our Nation!

Dear Fellow American:

Over the last couple of years, America has been bruised and battered.

Our $13.5 trillion federal deficit has pushed our nation to the verge of bankruptcy.

Obamacare has threatened our right to live a long and healthy life.

And the end of the Bush tax cuts, combined with drastic federal and state tax hikes, have put your wealth and retirement savings at risk.

Barack Obama's liberal agenda and "Big Government" initiatives are directly attacking the freedom, safety, and prosperity of every American.

But now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to stand up.

In these moments I'd like to remind you of the immortal words of President Ronald Reagan from his now famous 1980 Republican Convention acceptance speech:

For those who have abandoned hope, we'll restore hope and we'll welcome them into a great national crusade to make America great again!

You see, the bell hasn't rung. A knockout punch was not delivered.

We are the nation of Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan. We stand for freedom, prosperity, and independence.

And it's time we take America back.

With your help we can stand up with pride . . . dust ourselves off . . . and rebuild our nation into one that our Founding Fathers would be proud of.

America is at a Historic Crossroads.

The decisions made by not only you, but your friends, family, and neighbors on November 2 will determine the path of our nation and its future 10, 20 — even 100 years from today.

We cannot be silent. We cannot rest on our laurels.

And we certainly cannot assume that we will reclaim our nation at the voting booths — without taking necessary measures to make it a reality.

The Democrats have been launching unprecedented smear attacks against Republican and Tea Party candidates. They are drumming up their base.

And many races are becoming too close for inaction.

This is why I have joined with other national leaders in supporting the "Super PAC for America."

This is a powerful and formidable grassroots organization that will unite the citizens of this great nation.

The goal is simple — on November 2 we will stand up and change America's path for the better.

And powering this movement is a very ambitious goal.

I am calling it "Project 100."

Our plan is for the Republicans to win 100 seats in this year's congressional elections.

This is admittedly a bold goal. But with enough support very attainable.

I have studied the numbers very carefully, and we believe this can be done.

And when it happens a shockwave will resonate not only through Washington, but also around the world.

Right now the Democrats control the House of Representatives by 39 votes.

Republicans need to simply win 39 seats to gain control.

Now while the GOP gaining control of the House is positive change, it's far from an overwhelming mandate.

To fix America we need to win a very large majority to send a powerful message to the establishment.

A message that will be impossible to ignore in the White House and on Capitol Hill.

With Project 100 we will win with a very large majority.

And the positive effects will be immediate:

With this mandate we can repeal Obamacare.
We can enact successful economic reform initiatives that will put our country back on a proper financial footing and deal with the staggering debt our nation faces.
We can fix the immigration epidemic and secure our borders.
We can enhance national security and win the war on terror.
We can restore family values.
We can demand our elected officials be held accountable for their actions . . . or inactions.
That's why I am teaming up with the Super PAC for America's "Project 100."

But we need your help to realize these goals.

Here's our strategy.

As you know, there are 50 likely seats that Republicans will win this year.

Right now, the national committees and other donors are contributing heavily to these 50 Republicans in key races across the country.

These 50 races are, for the moment, the most likely winners.

Super PAC for America's approach will be even more aggressive.

We are going to select the 50 races we believe are "second-tier" races. Ones that are not on the priority list for the national committees.

Ones the Democrats thought were "safe seats."

With a relatively small amount of money spent by Super PAC for America in these districts we could win an additional 50 seats.

And this will give Republicans 100 new seats for this Congress!

Imagine how Americans will vote in these additional 50 swing districts if we clearly spell out to them how Obamacare is going to reduce their Medicare benefits.

Left in place, Obamacare will target seniors with massive cuts of over $500 billion in benefits.

And Obama will add 30 million new people to the national healthcare system. This will undoubtedly cause long waits and endanger access to doctors and hospitals.

As you know, private insurance rates are ballooning. Children and seniors are being dropped from their coverage despite what President Obama sold the public about the end of "pre-existing conditions."

And our brave men and women in the military have been left out in the cold for much of the benefit of this so-called "reform."

But besides excluding Americans, this controversial legislation is also not economically viable.

The cost of federal outlays are set to skyrocket over a trillion dollars thanks to Obamacare.

But repealing Obamacare is just one issue that will be focused on to push Congress in the Republicans' favor.

How will independent voters in swing districts feel when it is clearly explained to them that the Bush tax cuts are expiring, and they are set to get hit with the largest tax hike in history?

President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised to vote on the Bush tax cuts before they recessed.

But there has been no vote because it's been delayed until after the elections.

Typical of them, they lied.

This is because they are trying to avoid the public outcry of their true intentions until it's too late for you to do anything about it.

They hope Americans have short memories. That they will forget about the coming assault on their wealth.

But the "Project 100" will not let the citizens of this great nation forget.

I believe when independent voters hear the message we are going to send them, we are going to win 100 new Republican seats, giving Republicans a majority of over 60 votes in the new Congress!

This will not only send a powerful message to the establishment in Washington, it will also create a powerful force for change and the restoration of the Reagan agenda in Washington . . .

Less Government, Less Taxes, and
Strong National Security.

These are the ideals of the Tea Party movement as well as all Reagan conservatives like you and me.

And they can become real.

The more we spend on these "safe Democratic seats" the more we put these incumbents in danger.

The Democrats will have to tie up incredible amounts of resources to defend these second-tier 50 seats that they once thought were safe.

They will not be able to help other Democrats in trouble in the first 50 seats now at risk.

In football we would call this strategy "prevent offense."

The Super PAC for America is in a
Unique Position.

Because we are fighting for the issues and candidates who support the Founding Fathers' view of America there is no limit to the amount you can donate.

We are not driven by individual candidates, but a vision of how America should and can be.

The America you believe in.

The Super PAC for America is powered by average Americans who can only spare $5, $25, or $100, as well as those who can afford much more.

As I said, there is no limit to how much you can donate. And you are legally allowed to donate as an individual or as a corporation.

Click Here to Donate

Our Goal Is Very Simple.
In The Next Three Weeks We Are Seeking
To Raise $20 Million For "Project 100."

If we divide $20 million over 50 districts it would be an expenditure of approximately $400,000 per district.

But we believe many of these districts are in small media markets where that money can go very, very far.

You can have a powerful impact in a short time. You can change the direction of our country by donating to us.

A $400,000 donation from a donor will give us one more Republican in Congress.

$100,000 will make a huge difference in our media efforts, even $50,000.

Most Americans can't afford such large donations.

Even $1,000 or $500 will help.

A donation of $250 can buy a TV ad in many districts reaching hundreds of thousands. Anything you can give will help.

Click Here to Donate

With your help we can act as the guardian angel for this second-tier of 50 congressional seats that are up for grabs.

You can provide the much-needed support to these candidates by helping us flood the TV and radio airwaves.

Your donation can fortify our direct-mail and online efforts.

And by lending your financial support we can set up phone banks across America.

We can get the message out. Your message.

We can reclaim the America we know and love.

The one that has been taken from us by those who do not share our views.

President Reagan Used To Say
At The End Of His Speeches:,
"If Not Us, Who?
If Not Now, When?"

I can't add anything more to his statement.

This was his call to arms. And today it's mine to you as well.

Now is the time for us to act — Go Here Now.


Dick Morris

Paid for by Super PAC for America. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Super PAC for America does not make contributions to candidates. Funds raised by Super PAC for America will only be used for independent expenditures in support of or opposition to candidates. Super PAC for America is permitted to accept contributions from individuals and corporations in any amount, provided that contributions from foreign nationals lacking permanent resident status and contributions from federal contractors may not be accepted.

Contributions to Super PAC for America are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.


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