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Sellebrity Saturday: Does EVERY Pathetic Poser In The Whole World Suck Up To Obama?

OK, I am not going to do the Diogenes thing and walk around in the daylight looking for the one celebrity who holds a shred of doubt about the transcendant nature of Barack Hussein Obama. We already found an unemployed John Voight, an unemployed Bo Derek and uh, uh...and the list goes on and on.

What I am proposing is that we update the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game. Let's face it, the movie version ran its course. Let's do the Praise Obama on YouTube version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

We'll start with an easy one. Say you are challenged to link Spike Lee to Kevin Bacon. Spike Lee appears in the Associated Press's cheesy propaganda vid, "Obama Ushers in 'new Age'" with Kevin Bacon. Easy and fun.

But let's do one that's a bit more challenging. Keith Olbermann. Ahem. Ok. Keith Olbermann was with Spike Lee in MarzuqVision's "U.S. Government A Puppet Of Big Oil" and Spike Lee appears in the Associated Press's cheesy propaganda vid, "Obama Ushers in 'new Age'" with Kevin Bacon. Two degrees of separation.

OK, but that vid could be challenged on the "mandatory slurp" rule. In fairness, there wasn't a lot of slobbering and drooling for The Chosen One in the preceding vid. We'll try to link Olbermann in a series of slobbering, drooling vids but in the meantime, let's link Oprah to Kevin Bacon. Here the slurp factor is not an issue. You might want to turn the volume down a notch or two.

Oprah Winfrey was in 2tellthenews' "Oprah Lies to her audience,obama,Tricks or Treat,Spike Lee" with Spike Lee. And....
Spike Lee appears in the Associated Press's cheesy propaganda vid, "Obama Ushers in 'new Age'" with Kevin Bacon.

Praise Obama on YouTube version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Hours and hours of amusement! Fun for the whole family!

Items From My Mailbox: Dick Morris Via Newsmax

An Urgent Message From Our Sponsor

From the Desk of Dick Morris

Dear Newsmax Reader:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so frantic to prevent a meltdown that would cost the Democrats 100 seats in Congress she’s even hinting she may quit as speaker.

Believe her at your own peril!

She’s already written off 50 seats, but now she realizes she may lose 50 more seats that she thought were in the bag.

I revealed weeks ago that 100 Democratic seats were vulnerable to defeat. This is now accepted knowledge, even by Democrats.

So Pelosi is pulling a trick — a sort of “Mutt and Jeff” routine. You may have heard this trick called the “good cop/bad cop” strategy. It’s the same thing.

To show you how it works, let me give you an example.

Rep. Jim Marshall, a Georgia Democrat, is in a tough re-election campaign. He now publicly declares, “Pelosi was never MY choice for speaker!”

He’s even running ads knocking “San Francisco Democrat” Pelosi and claiming that he mostly votes with the Republicans.

To hear Marshall and his colleagues talk, you’d think they’re not at all like Pelosi, no sir!

But there’s only one problem: They’re lying.

You see, Marshall and his colleagues actually voted for Pelosi as House Speaker.

What’s more, they voted for Pelosi’s $787 billion “stimulus” program, Obamacare, the Wall Street bailout, and the rest of Obama’s big-government agenda.

To save their seats in Congress, Marshall and the other vulnerable Democrats need to run from their records and publicly distance themselves from Pelosi and Obama. If they succeed, they’ll re-elect Pelosi as House speaker.

What does Pelosi have to say about the Democrats who are pretending to bash her? She says, “I just want them to win.” Of course! She’s in collusion with the “Pelosi bashers.”

To add to the game play, The Hill newspaper reports Nancy Pelosi is saying she won’t run for speaker again.

Don’t believe a word she and her Democratic colleagues say!

Shouldn’t the phony Pelosi Democrats be exposed? Yes!

Right now we’re running ads at Super PAC for America to expose the phony Pelosi Democrats across the country and defeat them.

Super PAC for America is doing what no other group is focusing on: We are aiming to defeat the full 100 most vulnerable Democrats.

Your help and donation today will help us DEFEAT Pelosi and Obama.

It will help send 100 Democrats to the unemployment line so that OUR recovery can begin.

Please Donate Here Now

Thanks for your help,

Dick Morris

An Urgent Message
From the Desk of Dick Morris

We Are Approaching a Defining Moment in Our Nation's History . . .

The Decisions Made in the Days Ahead May Determine Whether Our Country Triumphantly Returns to Greatness or Staggers Closer to Collapse. . .

Your Help and Your Voice are Needed to . . .

Reclaim, Rebuild,
and Restore
Our America!
Join Your Fellow Americans to Usher in a
Brighter Future for Our Nation!

Dear Fellow American:

Over the last couple of years, America has been bruised and battered.

Our $13.5 trillion federal deficit has pushed our nation to the verge of bankruptcy.

Obamacare has threatened our right to live a long and healthy life.

And the end of the Bush tax cuts, combined with drastic federal and state tax hikes, have put your wealth and retirement savings at risk.

Barack Obama's liberal agenda and "Big Government" initiatives are directly attacking the freedom, safety, and prosperity of every American.

But now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to stand up.

In these moments I'd like to remind you of the immortal words of President Ronald Reagan from his now famous 1980 Republican Convention acceptance speech:

For those who have abandoned hope, we'll restore hope and we'll welcome them into a great national crusade to make America great again!

You see, the bell hasn't rung. A knockout punch was not delivered.

We are the nation of Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan. We stand for freedom, prosperity, and independence.

And it's time we take America back.

With your help we can stand up with pride . . . dust ourselves off . . . and rebuild our nation into one that our Founding Fathers would be proud of.

America is at a Historic Crossroads.

The decisions made by not only you, but your friends, family, and neighbors on November 2 will determine the path of our nation and its future 10, 20 — even 100 years from today.

We cannot be silent. We cannot rest on our laurels.

And we certainly cannot assume that we will reclaim our nation at the voting booths — without taking necessary measures to make it a reality.

The Democrats have been launching unprecedented smear attacks against Republican and Tea Party candidates. They are drumming up their base.

And many races are becoming too close for inaction.

This is why I have joined with other national leaders in supporting the "Super PAC for America."

This is a powerful and formidable grassroots organization that will unite the citizens of this great nation.

The goal is simple — on November 2 we will stand up and change America's path for the better.

And powering this movement is a very ambitious goal.

I am calling it "Project 100."

Our plan is for the Republicans to win 100 seats in this year's congressional elections.

This is admittedly a bold goal. But with enough support very attainable.

I have studied the numbers very carefully, and we believe this can be done.

And when it happens a shockwave will resonate not only through Washington, but also around the world.

Right now the Democrats control the House of Representatives by 39 votes.

Republicans need to simply win 39 seats to gain control.

Now while the GOP gaining control of the House is positive change, it's far from an overwhelming mandate.

To fix America we need to win a very large majority to send a powerful message to the establishment.

A message that will be impossible to ignore in the White House and on Capitol Hill.

With Project 100 we will win with a very large majority.

And the positive effects will be immediate:

With this mandate we can repeal Obamacare.
We can enact successful economic reform initiatives that will put our country back on a proper financial footing and deal with the staggering debt our nation faces.
We can fix the immigration epidemic and secure our borders.
We can enhance national security and win the war on terror.
We can restore family values.
We can demand our elected officials be held accountable for their actions . . . or inactions.
That's why I am teaming up with the Super PAC for America's "Project 100."

But we need your help to realize these goals.

Here's our strategy.

As you know, there are 50 likely seats that Republicans will win this year.

Right now, the national committees and other donors are contributing heavily to these 50 Republicans in key races across the country.

These 50 races are, for the moment, the most likely winners.

Super PAC for America's approach will be even more aggressive.

We are going to select the 50 races we believe are "second-tier" races. Ones that are not on the priority list for the national committees.

Ones the Democrats thought were "safe seats."

With a relatively small amount of money spent by Super PAC for America in these districts we could win an additional 50 seats.

And this will give Republicans 100 new seats for this Congress!

Imagine how Americans will vote in these additional 50 swing districts if we clearly spell out to them how Obamacare is going to reduce their Medicare benefits.

Left in place, Obamacare will target seniors with massive cuts of over $500 billion in benefits.

And Obama will add 30 million new people to the national healthcare system. This will undoubtedly cause long waits and endanger access to doctors and hospitals.

As you know, private insurance rates are ballooning. Children and seniors are being dropped from their coverage despite what President Obama sold the public about the end of "pre-existing conditions."

And our brave men and women in the military have been left out in the cold for much of the benefit of this so-called "reform."

But besides excluding Americans, this controversial legislation is also not economically viable.

The cost of federal outlays are set to skyrocket over a trillion dollars thanks to Obamacare.

But repealing Obamacare is just one issue that will be focused on to push Congress in the Republicans' favor.

How will independent voters in swing districts feel when it is clearly explained to them that the Bush tax cuts are expiring, and they are set to get hit with the largest tax hike in history?

President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised to vote on the Bush tax cuts before they recessed.

But there has been no vote because it's been delayed until after the elections.

Typical of them, they lied.

This is because they are trying to avoid the public outcry of their true intentions until it's too late for you to do anything about it.

They hope Americans have short memories. That they will forget about the coming assault on their wealth.

But the "Project 100" will not let the citizens of this great nation forget.

I believe when independent voters hear the message we are going to send them, we are going to win 100 new Republican seats, giving Republicans a majority of over 60 votes in the new Congress!

This will not only send a powerful message to the establishment in Washington, it will also create a powerful force for change and the restoration of the Reagan agenda in Washington . . .

Less Government, Less Taxes, and
Strong National Security.

These are the ideals of the Tea Party movement as well as all Reagan conservatives like you and me.

And they can become real.

The more we spend on these "safe Democratic seats" the more we put these incumbents in danger.

The Democrats will have to tie up incredible amounts of resources to defend these second-tier 50 seats that they once thought were safe.

They will not be able to help other Democrats in trouble in the first 50 seats now at risk.

In football we would call this strategy "prevent offense."

The Super PAC for America is in a
Unique Position.

Because we are fighting for the issues and candidates who support the Founding Fathers' view of America there is no limit to the amount you can donate.

We are not driven by individual candidates, but a vision of how America should and can be.

The America you believe in.

The Super PAC for America is powered by average Americans who can only spare $5, $25, or $100, as well as those who can afford much more.

As I said, there is no limit to how much you can donate. And you are legally allowed to donate as an individual or as a corporation.

Click Here to Donate

Our Goal Is Very Simple.
In The Next Three Weeks We Are Seeking
To Raise $20 Million For "Project 100."

If we divide $20 million over 50 districts it would be an expenditure of approximately $400,000 per district.

But we believe many of these districts are in small media markets where that money can go very, very far.

You can have a powerful impact in a short time. You can change the direction of our country by donating to us.

A $400,000 donation from a donor will give us one more Republican in Congress.

$100,000 will make a huge difference in our media efforts, even $50,000.

Most Americans can't afford such large donations.

Even $1,000 or $500 will help.

A donation of $250 can buy a TV ad in many districts reaching hundreds of thousands. Anything you can give will help.

Click Here to Donate

With your help we can act as the guardian angel for this second-tier of 50 congressional seats that are up for grabs.

You can provide the much-needed support to these candidates by helping us flood the TV and radio airwaves.

Your donation can fortify our direct-mail and online efforts.

And by lending your financial support we can set up phone banks across America.

We can get the message out. Your message.

We can reclaim the America we know and love.

The one that has been taken from us by those who do not share our views.

President Reagan Used To Say
At The End Of His Speeches:,
"If Not Us, Who?
If Not Now, When?"

I can't add anything more to his statement.

This was his call to arms. And today it's mine to you as well.

Now is the time for us to act — Go Here Now.


Dick Morris

Paid for by Super PAC for America. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Super PAC for America does not make contributions to candidates. Funds raised by Super PAC for America will only be used for independent expenditures in support of or opposition to candidates. Super PAC for America is permitted to accept contributions from individuals and corporations in any amount, provided that contributions from foreign nationals lacking permanent resident status and contributions from federal contractors may not be accepted.

Contributions to Super PAC for America are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.


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Friday, October 22, 2010

NPR Fires Evil Hate Monger Juan Williams!

Let me state once and for all that I love it when a guy with a dish rag on his head sits next to me on a plane. It makes me feel secure. Especially when he and his buds have been whisked through security for fear that they might be offended if someone looks in their direction. It's all very comforting.

And I sleep like a baby when a flock of Saudi flight school dropouts board the plane together. Who needs melatonin? What can go wrong with Saudi flight school dropouts onboard?

And when those women wrapped up like mummies board the plane ahead of me, you know I am comforted. No bombs on those babes. I could fall asleep standing up.

And please remind me to send my pladge of $25/month to NPR so I can get a cheesy coffee mug and a handbag made in China. And yes, I will splurge with the Daniel Schorr ring tone. And a set of Terry Gross place mats. And Jack Beatty holiday ornaments.

At last. Now that NPR has purged itself of the hate monger, Juan Williams, we can shower manna on our favorite beneficiary, guilt free. Viva NPR!

Mensa Members For Obama


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Predictions for The Election: House + 62. Senate + 9.

This is as unscientific a prediction as you will ever find but here goes. I predict that the Republicans will pick up 62 House Seats and 9 Senate Seats.
I actually maed those predictions in the spring but I did not feel the need to shout them to the heavens. Since then I have done periodic re-evaluations and the numbers don't change that much. Remove Connecticut and Washington comes into play. Remove Delaware and West Virginia comes into play. Same thing with the House and the Senate.

One more prediction. The spin cycle will be as turbulent as we have ever seen. Look for MSNBC to shout that A) It wasn't as bad as predicted. B) Every party faces midterm setbacks. C) Phil N. Deblanc lost. The champagne will flow when the shaved Marxist steps up to the podium.

Oh, one more prediction. In November 2008 I wrote and rewrote but never published my bold, courageous prediction that Barack Obama would be the most divisive president in US History. Even if you don't want to give me retro-credit for that prediction and even if you say I was just pointing out the obvious, OK. Point taken.

Let me now say that the divide will widen, if not in number, then certainly in passion. You ain't seen nothing yet!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Media Monday: MTV, BET, CMT Use Actors to Script an Obama Town Hall Meeting

From the video description:

When you watch this video, you would think these are real college students or fresh college graduates asking Obama serious questions. These well dress people with serious and concern look on their faces, are not your garden variety college students or fresh college graduates. These people were chosen by CASTING CALL. You're watching wannabe actors and actresses asking Obama a question. They're not paid to play the part on this MTV Townhall Meeting, this is a great exposure for them. Some movie producer out there might hire them as extras or read a few lines in some movies in the future or some show on TV.

Welcome to the world of Barack Hussein Obama, where deception is the main course for dinner.

Casting Call for Audience of Obama's MTV Town Hall?