Saturday, August 28, 2010

Observations on Glenn Beck's Rally

Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally is on the TV in the livingroom. Can I summarize it? It's brilliant political theater. This is stealth politics. Politics wihtout the overt political warning. It is clever.

Glenn Beck has hit a new stride. Is this his high water mark? I don't think so. He is becoming an idiom unto himself.

Ugh! Blogger would not let me post this and did not even save my work. They are usually reliable.

See if I can recollect my thoughts. My favorite speaker was of course, Sarah Palin. I plead guilty to liking her and hope she runs for the presidency. She is always a bright spot.

The pundits seem to be asking the same question of Beck: What now? For starters, I think he might be ready for prime time. If he maintains his health and his eyesight, he is destined for big things.

Real big.

Sellebrity Saturday: Ass Kisser Flees Sinking Ship


Friday, August 27, 2010

Bloated Federal Bureaucracy

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In the 1980's I repeatedly stated to anyone who was unfortunate enough to sit within earshot that the struggle for the nation was not about right vs. left or liberal vs. conservative. It was insider vs. outsider. I was once more ahead of my time. At 3:40 of this video, Dan Mitchell states what I had said over and over and over (trust me, I can be repetitive.) Thanks for the footnote, Dan.


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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adopt a Jihadist!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Media Monday: CBS News Placing Humpty Dumpty In His Vaulted Position

We have tried to reserve Sundays for Obama worship and Mondays for media bias. Truth is, it is hard to decide in which category to put some videos. This gem holds up well for so many reasons. For one thing, the content of the message has proven itself true. Obama has shown himself to be little more than a celebrity whose merit beyond attention-seeking is dubious at best.

It also shows the king's horsemen in all of their luster and splendor. 5 minutes of a 22 minute newscast devoted to defining a legitimate concern as "negative." Criticize the chosen one? How dare they!

They go to great pains to belabor the point that Obama has not gone negative. No, and that was the key to his victory. He had the press corpse attack his opponents for him. That way he could be the unifier. The high-minded candidate who refused to jump into the sewer. Let the plebes take the plunge for you, Your Excellency.

Like a finely-cut jewel, this video has ever so many facets to marvel.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yet Another Modest Proposal: Fine the Illegal Immigrant Welfare Enablers

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"Employers of illegal aliens should be fined." Who hasn't heard that one? By contrast, have you ever heard even the staunchest conservative say this one? "States and municipalities who provide non-emergency services for illegal immigrants should be fined." I never have.

I heard a radio ad recently where Mr. Conservative once more did the whole "fine the employers" spiel. Why can we not get a leader to say "if you house Aunt Zeituni, your municipality will pay dearly. If you enroll illegal alien children in public schools, your local school board will be held accountable. If you provide food stamps to illegal immigrants, your state will pay the price. And you, Mr. or Ms. Administrator, will also pay the price." It never happens.

I for one am more sympathetic to illegals who push brooms and swing hammers than I am to say, President Obama's Aunt Zeituni who soaks the taxpayer for free housing. I am more sympathetic to the Nigerians and Chinese and Mexicans who live thirty people to an apartment than I am to those individuals savvy enough to shoulder a permanent place at the public trough.

So why are not the welfare enablers stigmatized if not punished? The answer strikes at the heart of a larger issue. People who gravitate to politics, even professed minimalists, view government action as mostly well-intentioned. Ineptitude exists but we represent the party of lesser ineptitude. Those greedy contractors on the other hand...

Traditionally, government officials have displayed much more loyalty to government officials in other domains than to their own constituents. An encouraging development is the action of several states' attorneys general defending their own people against the Federal government's mandate that they purchase health care plans. This is a significant departure from the norm. States' AG's have been unwilling to get involved in defending their citzens against OSHA, EPA, FCC and other members of the Legion of Acronyms, much less defend them against legislation.

Lawsuits against public servants are capped in most states, usually at low values. Thus, there are more lawsuits against doctors than there are against teachers, police officers and bureaucrats. This mentality has to change. The government employees who knowingly enable the Aunt Zeitunis to commit fraud against the taxpayer and the government agencies who pay their salaries need to be held to the same standard (if not higher) as private employers.

My modest proposal: Fine the illegal immigrant welfare enablers!

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