Saturday, August 21, 2010

Iran Joins the Nuclear Club

Congratulations Iran! You made it to an exclusive club. Plenty of people to blame for this one, including George Bush. But we do have to mention that the baton has been passed, inconvenient as that might be.

Good luck, Israel. You will need it.

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Sellebrity Saturday: A Tale of Two Sellebrities

First, let me say that I used to like Chris Rock. But like most entertainers, especially comedians, they collect their big checks long after their best work is behind them. Chris Rock has been mailing it in for years with movies like "The Longest Yard" and "Grown-ups." Who cares? No one is granted the benefit of the doubt quite like ex "Saturday NIght Live" players. You were funny once. You can now stop trying.

I must also disclose that I was woefully disappointed in Rock's praise and endorsement of Barack Obama. How could anyone so insightful be so damn stupid? But Rock is not stupid. His support for Obama has helped put his career in high gear. It revitalized Letterman's career in a similar manner and he has not been funny since the 1990's. Hollywood/television has never been so politically charged and sucking up to Obama is perhaps the best career move a has-been could possibly make.

But let's examine the sell-out in question before he sold out.


Now, let's proceed to another celebrity, Doctor of Physiology, Laura Schlessinger. Let me go on record as stating that I loathe this woman. Yes, we are all hypocrites at times but she has adopted hypocrisy as a lifestyle. And there is something particularly obnoxious about moral hypocrites. When they open the Hypocrisy Hall of Fame, the good doctor will not only be inducted as a charter member, she will break the ground and cut the ribbon.

I will say that I begrudgingly respect Schlessinger for her skill at self-promotion. How can a woman who spreads her legs from here to Mars reinvent herself as a professional prude? How can someone who falsifies her credentials prosper as a moral pillar (in the very capacity of her falsification, we might add)? How can someone who wrote a book on The Ten Commandments allow her elderly mother to die in isolation, one mile from her home? By any definition, Schlessinger is sleazy.

I must also say that I don't understand why conservatives have these gaping blind spots when it comes to people of bad character. Sarah Palin tweeted "don't resign, reload." Even after her numerous moral shortcomings have been exposed, Schlessinger is a constant fixture on the sanctimony circuit. Why? Why? Why?

And I am also miffed that real people actually call her show in quest of guidance. Granted, if they were seeking advice on resume enhancement, or advice on landing a married man, or advice for neglecting one's elderly parents, then I can understand why one would call her show. But moral guidance? Is Satan unavailable?

Fun facts about Schlessinger in a web 1.0 format.

Having stated my distaste for this bad apple let me defend her for the comments that actually forced her off radio. Take a moment and listen to what she really says.


Discretion is the better part of everything. We have to wisely choose our battles. I am not going to belabor the point at this time but the N-word is a subject we will return to. We simply cannot ignore the larger issue, the gulf between who and whom. Schlessinger thought she had arrived but ultimately she would be reminded of her place in the food chain.

Chris Rock: Beautiful person.
Laura Schlessinger: One of the whom.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rand Paul's Money Bomb

Ron Paul supporters made the money bomb a political phenomenon. In a 24 hour period they raised about $11,000,000 for their candidate. Since then, there have benn numerous money bomb spin-offs. The most recent money bomb for Rand Paul will not be as large as the original money bomb (lucky it hits 2% of the original.)

The real time updates are a nice feature.

Check it out!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wildcard Wednesday: Bad Poet Showcase

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How did we get in this mess?


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Repost from November 9, 2008

I wrote the following a week after the election of 2008. I copied it verbatim. I was still struggling with a name for the blog. I called it Obatamy and Obatomy before settling on Obotomy.

Four consecutive sentences starting with "I"...Doh!

Yes, I have every right to claim my status as an I-told-you-so. What I can tell you about that status is that it is not worth it. It would be better to be wrong about some things. Wouldn't it be great if Obama had turned out to be a high-minded, patriotic American who harbored a secret respect for Milton Friedman? It would be wonderful.

But where did my crystal ball get cloudy? Well, I believed Obama would be petty, egocentric and authoritarian if not downright thuggish. But I did not expect him to be so blatantly anti-American. Did anyone else foresee Obama apologizing for America's very existence? Yes, he said things that his political allies have thought at times but I did not expect him to be so brazen. The NASA chief whose primary purpose is to make Moslems feel good about their alleged scientific contributions, the administration's challenge of Arizona's desperate citizens and their well-intended law as well as the support for a mosque, yes a mosque, at ground all adds up to an ominous pattern. A pattern that bespeaks destruction of all that we hold dear.

The debate rages on: Is Obama deliberately destructive or simply inept? A Manchurian Candidate or a Joe Biden polished to a high sheen? I for one have vacillated on this issue. For now, I lean towards ineptitutde. That is, if he was brilliantly destroying the country from the inside, he would not constantly tip his hand. It is a subject we can revisit. For now, let's enjoy the repost of a bitter loser who deserved to be bitter.

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REPOST: November 9, 2008 by theworldsbiggestloser

I am the world's biggest loser. As a kid, Charlie Brown kicked sand in my face. If I had gone to high school with Gary Coleman, he would've taken my lunch money. I am a loser in business. I am a loser in love. I am a loser in life. It pains me too much to recite all of my losses, both because it makes me relive my pain and because it is an astoundingly exhaustive procedure to archive all of my myriad failures.
But I, the world's biggest loser, will go to my grave with one eternal satisfaction. I was not duped by Obama. I never fell for his smoke and mirrors and his cheesy stagecraft. I recognized that he was all form and no function. He was all shine and no shoe. He was all package and no product. If anyone thinks I'm too harsh on their deity, I defy them to present any presidential nominee in this country's history who had a thinner resume. Take your time. Go to Wikipedia. Get out the history books.
But of course the Obatamicized will not page through the history books or even scan Wikipedia, for that matter. Facts do not concern the Obatamicized. It is just a given that their deity is superior to mere mortals. True, there are Democratic partisans who recognize Obama for what he is but who will vote for literally anybody the blue team puts forth. They know Obama is a charlatan, but he is their charlatan.
At the core of the Obama movement lie the Obatamicized. The Obatamicized are not necessarily stupid, although that demographic is sufficiently represented. But the Obatamicized are decidedly anti-analytical, anti-rational, and anti-intellectual. They are deliberately ignorant and willfully blind to inconvenient truths. Or convenient truths for that matter. Or truth of any kind. Truth involves facts and facts are a buzz kill. Obatomies vote with the part of the brain that selects American Idol finalists. They are going to vote for the younger, taller, handsomer, deeper-voiced candidate. Change we need.
There are two qualities at work in the post-Obatamy brain: religion and cosmetics. It is hard to separate the two because theirs is is a religion based on cosmetics. Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what you can do in style. Above all else ask nothing about your candidate. Ask not about Ayers. Ask not about Dorhn. Ask not about Khalidi. Ask not about Fannie Mae, Franklin Raines and Jimmy Johnson. Ask not about ACORN or Philip Berg or Tony Rezko. Ask not about your candidate's shady and secretive campaign financing. Ask not about your candidate's achievements or even his proposals. Time spent in mental labor is time not spent savoring his greatness.
People are inherently religious but traditional religion is perceived as boring and irrelevant. Of course, religiosity has to be channeled somewhere. There has to be an outlet. If 80% of America still attended church on Sunday, would Obama have a prayer? Would we see lost souls in T-shirts with Obama's face and “Hope” as its caption? Would we have stadia full of zombies chanting “Yes we can” and holding placards reading “Change We Need, ” clueless as to what might be in store for them should their deity convert the White House into his personal cathedral?
Would we encounter, as I have, the mesmerized Obatomy victims who cannot put into words the beatific? Ask them what he said and you get answers like “You just got to see it.” The content of the verbiage (yielding to the benefit of the doubt that content is present) cannot be separated from the speaker. The word and the flesh are one and the same.
We cannot overemphasize the Obatomy religiosity and it is a theme we will return to from time to time. For now, let us briefly consider the pitfalls of deifying a living entity. The old deities will not grow more foolish with the motion of time. Such cannot be stated about living deities. The sins and the gaffes will hit critical mass. The landslide of disillusionment will smother the pilgrims who have not already fled in terror. Eventually, Toto will tug on the curtain and you will be unable to ignore the man behind the curtain.
This writer was once a religious person in the extreme. This writer is not given to the modern practice of introspecting out loud. Thus, I will spare you my philosophical transformations. But my religious experience has left me with two permanent attributes. One, because I was a staunch believer, I tend to be respectful of other people's faith. Two, because I was exposed to religion at an early age, I was immunized against all things cultish. I can walk through the Valley of Scientologists and fear no evil.
Admittedly I am a bit less respectful of people who follow a living, breathing guru. I am less respectful still when the guru harbors political ambition. Religion, by its very nature involves the suspension of normal thought processes. Dogma does not always fare so well when it is pitted against the light of reason. But it does not matter much to secularists because religion usually involves the transcendent. I am content to sit out the celestial heaven versus heaven on Earth argument.
When traditional religion enters the mundane it is usually to decide which day of the week is the Sabbath or which foods and beverages can be consumed. I respectfully respect with maximum respect the suspension of the rational process in these decisions. But it is harder to be so respectful of the followers of a political guru. It is just too dangerous to suspend reason in political decisions.
What it took me a long time to realize is that religion performs a socially utilitarian function. It allowed for the suspension of reason at specific, designated times. Thus, people were less likely to permanently suspend reason as a lifestyle choice. In my unscientific conversations with the Obatamicized, a pattern of willful ignorance emerged. Most of them had zero curiosity about Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson and the Fannie Mae/ DNC/ACORN nexus. I don't think any of them could identify Khalidi or Rezko or Philip Berg. When asked about Ayers and Dohrn they had a vague idea of who they were they answered with a uniform “that was a long time ago and he barely knew them.”
The Obatomy victims were unaware that their guru's campaign had donated $800,000 to ACORN. They had heard about voter fraud but dismissed it because Fox News had reported on it. They were apathetic about Obama's mysterious campaign contributions. My stamina was limited. We can argue about whether or not it is raining, but if one party adamantly refuses to look out the window, why continue the discussion?
Yes, I am the world's biggest loser but I but I have some inner peace. I never fell for the Obama hokum. I did not believe the hype. I was not duped. I did not turn off my mental faculties to better absorb his splendor. I did not bow down to my social superiors in Hollywood, in Silicon Valley, on Wall Street or inside the Beltway. I did not bow down to the masters of the media. Above all else, I did not fall victim to the stupid slogans and the empty rhetoric. For all of my feelings of inferiority I have never felt prouder to be who I am. In defeat I found victory. I never chanted the slogans. I never drank the Kool-Aid. I never received an Obatomy.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Media Monday: A Tale of Two Protests

If it were not for the blogosphere, cellphone cams and YouTube raising the bar of truth, the lies about racial and sexual slurs at the March 21, 2010 protest would now be the irrefutable truth.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010