Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Ever-Clever Obama Administration

I am back from the first real vacation in a few years. It was nice. I missed Obama's speech and the BP Shakedown and the opening round of the Blagojevich trial. Oh well. Back to the web mines.

When I heard that Obama had replaced McChrystal with Petraeus I could psychically hear the mental gears of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue scrape metal. In placing Petraeus in Afghanistan, Obama might have eliminated one of the most viable 2012 presidential contenders. By evening the John Batchelor Show was promoting this idea. I am always ahead of my time if only by ten or so hours.

I am not sure if Petraeus was ever a presidential candidate or if he would be good at politics but the White House believes he was and he could be and they acted in a proactive manner. It's all about the Administration. Always. Always. Always.

The Obama Administration ALWAYS overplays its hand. Such practices do not bode well for most games and politics is not an exception. Eventually, the "too smart by half" are exposed for their hubris. They think they are the cleverest people on the planet and they expect the rest of us to just say wow.

McChrystal had to go but this is not about insubordination or the security of our country. It is about a petty man and his titanic ego. This crisis will not be wasted.

Let us bask in the brilliance of our exalted leaders!