Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wildcard Wednesday: Michael Vlahos

Ya'll ready fo some iconoclastin? Then do familiarize yourself with Michael Vlahos. This guy writes for "Huffington Post" and is a staple of John Batchelor's radio show. Hardly birds of the feather.

I cannot put my seal of approval on Vlahos just yet, as I am not all that familiar with his work. But I usually agree with him. Unfortunately, he does not always connect the dots for me. Yes, the war on terror seems to be failing but run it by me again: Why should we curry favor with the Moslem Brotherhood?

Introduce yourself to Michael Vlahos!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Link of the Day, Long War Journal


Sunday, May 9, 2010

No Bail Out For Bennett

Earlier this week I was bemoaning Dan Coats' nomination in Indiana. I thought maybe the tea party had hit its high water mark. Bob Bennett's defeat in Utah makes me reconsider that idea.

Bennett was endorsed by Mitt Romney and even though I like Romney, he wears on me with his appeasement/reach across the aisle/let's make a deal attitude. Bennett's defeat is a political bomb shell. Bennett is considered a conservative on most issues but on TARP he voted with the bad guys. Utah can do better. Bye bye Bennie.

Big smile!

Viva la tea!

Mother's Day Links

Mother's Day Links:

And my favorite link from Yahoo Answers whose users boldly dared to ask if Barack Obama's mother was a communist.

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