Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Faces of Astroturf

Paid protestors at work.


Link of The Day: Real Clear Markets

Usually a voice of sanity.

What Does A Hope Dope Look Like?

I hate to rely on NYT but in this case I will make an exception. A 2008 story about believers who underwent name changes to honor their leader.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Free Plug: Art Robinson

Maybe this guy is not as great as he appears but he looks like an impressive candidate to me.

Boycotting The Benedict Arnolds, The Judas Iscariots, And Republican Driftwood.

I am so sick of hearing that the Republican Party "lost its way." BULLSHIT!
DOUBLE BULLSHIT!! They could not wait to stick both of their middle fingers in our faces and tell us "You want fiscal sanity? Vote Democrat!"

From 2000 to 2006 the GOP was keenly aware that they had a license to plunder, and plunder they did. They ran up some of the biggest tabs in history. Worse, they surrendered the moral high ground that comes with fiscal responsibility. They gave our current Comrade-In-Chief license to pillage on a scale never before seen in this country.

The GOP was all too swift to award plum jobs to their favorite hacks: Tommy Thompson, Michael Powell, the McClellan Brothers to name but a few. We can argue the necessity of their various positions but it is hard to defend the records of any of these appointees. If we accept the premise of Health and Human Services we must still admit that it is one of the most bloated agencies in the Federal Bureaucracy. Perhaps more than any other Beltway tar pit, HHS promotes spending on programs of dubious merit. So if one cares to mount a defense of Tommy Thompson's record, one would at the very least point to the cost cutting measures the esteemed Secretary inacted. Good luck, Perry Mason.

We have already bashed Tommy Thompson at this site.
No apologies. He is the problem. So I was pleased to see this item in the Associated Press.

In Wisconsin, a half dozen tea party groups from around the state decided to boycott Thursday's rally in Madison because former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson was among the speakers.

"We do feel it's important that people know this is not who we would ever align ourselves with," said Kirsten Lombard, organizer of the Madison-based tea party group Wisconsin 9/12 Project. Tim Dake, organizer of the Milwaukee-based GrandSons of Liberty, said: "Tommy is representative of the old boy network way of doing things."

You can see the entire article below. I posted the quote because AP articles have a way of disappearing.

This humble blog has good reason to be humble, I suppose. However, I believe the previous anti-RINO post might have influenced the Thompson boycott. It's hard to track the course for memes but I do monitor quite a few sites and I don't remember anyone denouncing Wisconsin's favorite hack before us.

The GOP was run out of DC because they stopped listening. The Dems might get chased out of town for the same reason. But if the Republicans insist on recycling flotsam like Tommy Thompson then the message is clear that they still have not learned their lesson.

Will we see six more years of Feingold?