Sunday, January 10, 2010

Way Off Topic But...

I can't let this one go. The whole Tiger Woods fiasco hit a ton of nerves for me. For instance, the shedding of tears for a gold digger when she succeeded in digging gold. And the ridiculous sexist double standard that allows a woman to attack her husband with a golf club with zero legal ramifications. The PR shenanigans. And perhaps the stupidest of all, the recurring labeling of men who like women as misogynists.

All of the above topics (and a few more) illustrate the inherent dishonesty that in rife in our culture. But let's get back to specifics. If this was Beck or Hannity or O'Reilly I would not bat an eye. They do opinion and Brit Hume is an anchor. Big difference. Big difference.

Why does Hume feel it is OK to trash Buddhism? I bet if Tiger were Jewish or Moslem, Hume would not suggest a religious upgrade. And why is it that Christians love to focus on sexual matters to the exclusion of all else? Why doesn't Hume suggest that the radical elements of Islam, i.e murderers, change their faith? In that regard, Hume is not much different from a lot of other Christians I have known.

As far I know, Hume and Fox have never apologized to Woods or to Buddhists. That is too bad.

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