Friday, January 8, 2010

Rob Klein: Part II

A comment from this speaker's youtube channel page reveals what we are up against.

dayglowgreendoor (7 months ago) "You have a mighty purdy mouth. Are you into little boys like Rove? You are smarter than Michelle Bachmann! YAY! I'd put you on an intellectual equivalent of Sarah "Turd Sundae" Palin. I bet you can't wait for her and Michelle Bachmann to be running mates i 2012! Then Todd Palinator can get a sky machine and shoot liberals and non-whites from his sky machine while dorks like you chant USA USA USA! Do the world a favor and hang yourself. Trust me, it might be the only way to keep you from running your stupid mouth. I am thankful that you are not a neighbor, relative or acquaintance. The sweet Lord God has smiled upon me and she hates your guts."

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