Friday, January 22, 2010

Reflections of a Weary Blogger

I am still giddy and yes, inspired by the Scott Brown story. No Brown fatigue here. What a leader! "Follow me and we'll get it done." He smashed a formidable machine. What a guy!

And of course this guy married a local hottie and then he fathered Xena and Gabrielle and they are living happily ever after. So it is easy to watch the puff pieces about this great man. I could fixate on this story for a long, long time.

But this blog is devoted to Barack Hussein Obama and his loyal dupes. It is hard to stay on topic because the topic is so damn depressing. Just 15 months ago we were in the Twilight Zone. Zombies in T-shirts with Obama's mug and the word "HOPE" emblazoned on the front swarmed at every turn. Worse yet, otherwise reasonable people were following Jim Jones into the jungle. A creepy "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" scene polluted our beloved land. It was depressing, not because we were losing, but because common sense was losing. Self-delusion had become stylish and I had no style.

To this day we know very little about Barack Hussein Obama. Is he evil, buffoonish or both? Is he the second coming of Jimmy Carter or of Charles Manson? Can he persuade his minions to give up their lives in a suicidal display of unity? Or is he, in the description of Osama Bin Laden by a Saudi Prince, incapable of leading a flock of ducks across the street?

I suspect that Obama will be remembered more as a Barney Fife than a Che Guevera. Yes, there is hostility and hatred in this man. But there is also ineptitude. This is a guy who has had everything handed to him. The Senate. The White House. The Nobel Peace Prize. Everything. He might dream of lynching bankers and risk takers but he is, in a word, petty. Everyone who has ever had a paper route had more executive experience than this guy had a year ago. Without the ass-kissing press and George Soros' funds, Barack Obama is well, present.

I felt the need to call the world's attention to Obama's flaws when it seemed that people had blinded themselves to such "distractions." Now it seems like people are waking up. Even the cheerleaders are expressing buyer's remorse. The tide has turned. Obama jumped the shark on his inauguration day. That was his high water mark and few people will say otherwise. The question I have to ask myself is "Do we still need to expose Obama's deficiencies?" No one seems surprised at his ineptitude any more. It seems to be expected and accepted. Who needs a blog that points out the obvious?

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