Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the Hacked Emails

"Doonesbury" might have long ago jumped the shark but in his day, Trudeau was on target with his satire. During Watergate, the Nixon Administration did not want to release their tapes because statements could be taken out of context. Trudeau exploited this opening. The artistically-challenged cartoonist drew the White House and used speech balloons. Someone in the White House parrots the "out of context" line and then plays a snippet. "Hey John, how's the cover-up coming?" "Good example."

The East Anglia emails are full of "How's the cover-up coming?" kind of excerpts. One or two of these could be damning but they keep piling up. The case for fraud is overwhelming.

A few quick samples:

From Michael E. Mann (withholding of information / data):

“Dear Phil and Gabi,

I’ve attached a cleaned-up and commented version of the matlab code that I wrote for doing the Mann and Jones (2003) composites. I did this knowing that Phil and I are likely to have to respond to more crap criticisms from the idiots in the near future, so best to clean up the code and provide to some of my close colleagues in case they want to test it, etc. Please feel free to use this code for your own internal purposes, but don’t pass it along where it may get into the hands of the wrong people.”

So gentle reader, how does it feel to be the wrong people?

Try this one on for size.

From Phil Jones (destroying of emails / evidence):

“Mike, Can you delete any emails you may have had with Keith re AR4? Keith will do likewise. He’s not in at the moment – minor family crisis. Can you also email Gene and get him to do the same? I don’t have his new email address. We will be getting Caspar to do likewise.”

The tip of the iceberg as climatologists say.

From Tom Wigley (ousting of a skeptic from a professional organization):

“Proving bad behavior here is very difficult. If you think that Saiers is in the greenhouse skeptics camp, then, if we can find documentary evidence of this, we could go through official AGU channels to get him ousted.”

Oh the hits just keep on coming. During this brutal frigid winter we might need the pyre of truth to warm our hearts because greenhouse gases ain't going to do it. We'll revisit this subject as long as we have a blog. It is virtually iexhaustible.

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