Sunday, January 24, 2010

Media Monday: The $7.8 Million Dollar Man

One of the projects I have never gotten off the ground is to compile a list of overpaid media figures. This would not be a subjective measurement. It would be a Bill James/Moneyball project whereby we divided the star's salary by the total number of viewers. Letterman might seem overpaid at $32M/year but compared to the likes of Conan or Couric, he is an electronic pied piper. I cannot say for certain but I think the numbers would confirm that Keith Olbermann is at the top of the ranks of the overpaid. His audience could probably be seated at some of the country's larger race venues.

Olbermann is bitter and he has no regard for the truth. None. He sees enemies everywhere and he hates any and all foes of Obama. Why would anyone watch him?

Yes, why would anyone watch Olbermann? Under normal circumstances the answer is "I don't know." But during the Massachusetts special election, the days preceding, election evening and the days following, the answer happened to be "To laugh uproariously at some of the wackiest clowns our great land has ever produced."

A sample.


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