Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Always Sunny In Massachusetts

Coming down to the wire, Brown certainly has the momentum but one has to be careful betting against the silent majority. I devoted about two hours to shoveling snow today and left for work with a lot undone. It's supposed to be cold and raw tomorrow and that will help Brown. Only the motivated voter will be out tomorrow. That might seal the deal for Scott pickup.

While Obama waltzed into town to stump for Coakley, Brown picked up the support of two local demigods. Curt Shilling and Doug Flutie were in attendance at Brown's rally. It is hard to imagine two better endorsements in New England. The atmospheres were a study in contrasts. Obama tried to rally a crowd who just wanted to see him and seemed indiffernet to Coakley. Brown's rally was a pepe rally with an emphasis on pep.

Three local radio stations covered the election, one even bumping mega-ratings star Rush Limbaugh off the airways for a day to provide local coverage. There were plenty of pundits and callers who took umbrage with Obama bashing Brown on Sunday. It is one thing for a sitting president to offer kind words for their candidate of choice but it was an unwritten rule that they do not bash opponents. Many consider it demeaning to the office. But hey, if you are going to give the Quenn an Ipod...

You might be kicking your self for not taking Scott Brown on Intrade when he was around 10. I believe in Intrade because the traders are putting real money where their mouths happen to be. The market is more accurate than the salaried pundits.


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