Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sellebrity Saturday: Bill Maher and Janeane Garofalo

The vid is entitled "John Fund is a Total Idiot." This might say more about Bill Maher's ever-shrinking audience that has been distilled of all but the Obotomicized, than it does about John Fund's intellect.

Granted, Fund could have handled himself a little better but keep in mind he is being hit in stereo. That was the same formula Maher used to use on "Politically Incorrect." Maher and three panelists would attack the token Christian or conservative or non-Hollywood guest. I have to admit I used to like that show but that is another topic for another time.

It would have been nice if Fund would have asked the Mensa group member to his right to clarify her falsehoods about deregulation. Deregulation is not in Bush's DNA, he was never a deregulator and it would be wonderful to clarify this once and for all. But it can be hard to concentrate when two enraged women are yipping and yapping in each ear.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Frigid Friday: Cap and Trade

If it were not for the health care fix-with-sledge-hammer debate, we would hear more about the potential horrors of cap and trade. It is part of the Obama playbook to fast track legislation before the issue can be discussed. Who gives a damn about the fine print?

I consider cap and trade a more destructive measure than the Kevorkian-inspired health care reform. It is more insidious than health care contamination. It is not a kitchen table/water cooler issue. But this issue will have its day in the sun. Mmm hmmm. I can hardly wait.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Variations on a Theme

All of the following bumper stickers are available on ebay. Sorry that we don't have the URL's handy. We like the "Keep the Change Theme" but we like this first bumper sticker even more.


Ronald Reagan, 1961

I think of Ronald Reagan as an overrated president who ran huge deficits every year for eight consecutive years. But his warning about socialized medicine in 1961 seems oddly prophetic.

Barney Frank 2005. Denies Housing Bubble


Berg Redux

Philip Berg has reprinted an article from a local newspaper about Philip Berg. I don't if Berg believes the US faked the moon landing but he is a proponent of the other two stupidest conspiracy theories in the world: 1. Al Gore won Florida and 2. 911 was an inside job. In short, he is a bit nutty. But Berg does bring up something interesting that the media often ignore. That is, even if Obama was born in Hawaii, his mother and step-father might have later on squandered his citizenship by making him an Indonesian citizen. In my amateur opinion, that would be the easier case to make and win. Berg is not giving up.

Check out the local story on Berg, that happens to provide a concise, if hostile, overview of the Birther movement.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

But it Gets Worse

Signs have cropped up in California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Louisiana.

Now we know why Obama disses Vegas


The health care debate has eclipsed just about everything else. Perhaps that is a good thing. Even though it's largely negative publicity for the Dems and for Obama, one could state that it has been a diversion for the rest of their activity. Voter fraud marches on and guess what? Most of the acused are Democrats. Here's one more.
By the way, I had to go to a second source before I could find out which party Ruiz belonged to.

Here is another. To find out the judge's party affiliation, you have to scroll down to the Comments. Bet you'll never get this one.

Mark my words. Franken's victory will always be fishy (and might prove fraudulent)

And finally, ACORN continues to distinguish itself.

All Town Hall All The Time

When I started this blog I was going to cover a multitude of topics. For better or for worse, I got sidetracked by the Town Hall phenomenon. Initially, I thought town hall meetings were a of tangental interest. There would be a few boisterous peasants shouting their concerns and then they would fade away. That's been the history of every political movement I have ever witnessed. People get fired up and blow off steam but ultimately they find themselves face to face with the god of futility and they return to their peasant ways.

But this is different. It is exciting. It is interesting, especially when the media elite recoil in horror. Check out the recent Niki Tsongas town hall meeting in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.