Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shipwreck in Progress! Cover Your Eyes!

This is kind of dry but this amateur explains things more accurately and clearly than highly paid journalists. This is what frightens me more about Obama than anything else. He doesn't seem to care if he hits the iceberg so long as he gets to be captain. Like every other dictator, his glory trumps the good of his country.


What Would Reagan Do?

He would run a deficit every single year. Every single year! In all 8 Reagan years (1981-1988) our country ran huge deficits. There is much to say for Ronald Reagan but it is inaccurate to promote him as some sort of fiscal conservative. Social conservative? Yes. Fiscal conservative? No.

The myths surrounding Reagan and Republicans are topics I hope to revisit from time to time. These topics include:

1. Reagan's true fiscal legacy.
2. The cultish aspects of Reagan followers. They are not as flamboyant or as stupid as the Obotamicized but their memories are viewed through the lens of Reagan-colored glasses.
3. Yes, Reagan had an easy act to follow. Actually he had four easy acts to follow. Carter/Ford/Nixon/LBJ. Name four presidents who lost control of the office. In matters fiscal and otherwise, Reagan looked good by comparison.
4. The incompatibility of fiscal conservatism and social conservatism.
5. Bush 43's witting or unwitting role in launching Obamanation.
6. The hubris of the GOP.
7. The hubris of the Democrats.
8. The pain and sacrifice of fiscal sanity.
9. Economics: The original inconvenient truth.
10. What are the consequences of continued fiscal recklessness?

The webmeister will not back off from his position that Obama is dangerous and reckless. He will not back off from his position that the Obotamies are a cult of willful stupidity. He will continue to point out the flaws in Barack Obama because it is so damn easy, and because professional journalists refuse to do their job.

But Republicans and the vanishing breed of Common Sense Democrats have to face up to reality. The solution to fiscal recklessness is not "deficit lite." No, it is finding leaders who have the judgment and the resolve to say "No." We need to recruit humble leaders who can balance a checkbook and stand up to special interest groups. Then and only then will we have change we can believe in. Yes we can!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Telelprompter's Day Off

Be honest. If this were Palin, would the press have picked up on this?


Best Performance by a Smug Cocksucker

Hey Matt. If you tried really hard could you play the part of an arrogant twit?
I know it's against type but could you play a pseudointellectual know-it-all who surrounds himself with ass kissers to remind him how brilliant he happens to be?
I know it's a stretch, kid, but is there any way we could get you to affect a tone of superiority? Can't you just pretend to like yourself? Maybe just a little bit? Work at it, kid. You'll get there.


From the Ignorance is Bliss Department: The Sad, Sad Truth About Obama Supporters

This vid captures the highlights of the now infamous Zogby poll. The untold story is that the messenger, Zogby, was roundly skewered in the lefty blogosphere for conducting this poll. Possibly fearing a loss of business from Democrats, the Zogs distanced themselves from John Ziegler and "Media Malpractice." This action speaks louder than all the polls in history! "Shoot the Messenger" is a philosophy that is alive and well.


Censors Asleep at the Switch Department

Audio quality is poor but the veracity is priceless.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let's Speak Austrian.

A minor faux pas in my book but....


Candid Admissions Department

Brokaw mea culpas capped off with a call for "intellectual vigor."


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Modest Proposal

I propose that all Republican Party officials, office holders and candidates boycott the mainstream media at least through the 2012 elections. That is, they refrain from speaking with all members of the news media and they no longer advertise in the mainstream media. There was a time just a few years ago when adopting such a strategy would be political suicide. Now, failure to adopt such a strategy is political suicide.

Anyone who has read Bernard Goldberg's “A Slobbering Love Affair” or has viewed “Media Malpractice” or has just paid attention knows that media are stacking the deck for Obama. Even now, roughly 100 days into the Obama Administration, we know more about Joe the Plumber than we do Barack Hussein Obama.

We don't know what Obama wrote as an undergrad. We don't know the identity of hundreds of his donors. We don't know why a Chicago hospital would pay Mrs. Obama over $300k to fulfill the duties of a Diversity Director. We don't know much about Obama's relationship with Ayers and Dohrn and Rezko and Khalidi. We don't know much about ACORN but what we do know is pretty disturbing if you oppose voter fraud. We hear a lot about the collapse of this company or that but we don't hear much about Obama's close associates who played a significant role in the collapse of Fannie Mae.

Can anyone say with a straight face that Sarah Plain and Barack Obama were treated identically by the media? Even after the election they are trying to dig up dirt on Palin's family. Meanwhile, Obama's life is one long puff piece. His titanic budget is barely scrutinized.

To paraphrase Bernard Goldberg, if the referees of the Michigan-Ohio State football game decided that it would make for a better story if Michigan won and they called the game in such a way as to determine the outcome, there would be public outrage. But it would not just be the Ohio State fans who would be angry. The Michigan fans would be furious as well. People know full well that if referees determine the outcome of a football game, you no longer have football. If the referees of democracy determine elections, you no longer democracy.

So how would candidates receive exposure without appearing on “Larry King Live” or “Meet the Press?” Answer: Republicans need to form their own channels of communication on the Internet. Republicans need to move underground. Let the Democrats have the Associated Press fed newspapers. Let them have the alphabet networks, including Fox. If a member of the media elite wishes to speak to you, Mr. GOP candidate, about this or that, refer them to your website.

As an extension to the “no press” policy, GOP voters should boycott, banish or vote against any candidate who purchases newspaper ads or TV spots. Those candidates are cuddling up to the enemy. Worse, they are funding the enemy. Let the seal clubbers buy their own bats.

Of course the websites will have to sparkle. They have to look professional. They will have to be compelling. The mainstream media will not simply close up shop. They will dredge the websites in search of the smallest inaccuracy, the tiniest gaffe, the silliest blunder. They will need to contrast the ways of mere mortals with the ways or their messiah. When the mainstreamers lose their editing powers, they will work more diligently to find damaging material. They will still show images of Republicans on CNN so long as the image is a flattering portrait of a RINO—or an unflattering portrayal of a principled candidate.

To continue on the current course is to throw in the towel. Let us be reminded that the mainstream media did not just fix the presidential election, they fixed both presidential primaries as well. The biggest obstacle to change (Shhh. Obama has that word copyrighted but I want to use it just one time. Don't tell the White House.) would be the Idiot McCains who still think they can charm the news media. Note to all future Idiot McCains: These people are your enemies. They love John McCain now because he lost and lost graciously. He played by their rules even as they stacked the deck against him. They see a beautiful loser. We see a loser.

What would be the impact of a GOP media boycott? The first benefit would be a media event in and of itself. It might, maybe, possibly, force the media to confront their unfettered bias. It might open a dialog about the media coverage in the 2008 election. Maybe the sycophants would suspend their smooching long enough to participate in the dialog. We can dream, can't we?

Ultimately the impact would be financial. This would not be felt right away but by the November, 2010 it would get the accountants' attention. Even the suggestion of a media boycott would elicit tremors at newspapers and TV network affiliates. Station managers will not be heartened to learn that their favorite dupes have now invested in websites, dvd's and old fashioned mass mailings. Network affiliates count on GOP airtime purchases. If that money disappears they will spin excuses about the flat economy and Bush era economics that still hobble the industry. Newspapers are even more vulnerable. As well as the economic fallout from an advertisement boycott, the accompanying publicity will do nothing to upgrade newspaper credibility and might even hasten their timely demise.

The empire will strike back. They will conduct a divide and conquer strategy. “We like you, you Idiot McCain wannabe. Sit with us and we'll make sure you dust off your primary rivals. You are a regular guy and they are unwashed tea baggers. We love you.” But it will be a Faustian deal and Mephistopheles will take payment in November. Mephistopheles might be evil but he is not stupid.

Yes, there will be pitfalls in a media boycott but it must happen if the GOP is to regain any credibility. While the Republicans were farming players, the Democrats were farming referees. 2008 might be the high water mark of the elitist media but it is also the advent of a new style, form and structure of politics. The game will still be played, but it will be played without referees. We will be returning to the sandlots.

In the sandlot game everyone can play. Everyone except the referees.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When all Else Fails, Play the Race Card.

Get used to it. Any criticism of Obama, NO MATTER HOW WELL JUSTIFIED,will be labled racism.

As always, Obama lets his proxies do the heavy lifting

Affirmative Action for Obatamies

This guy initially sounds like an Obot, parroting all of the essential talking points. But he concludes on a skeptical note starting at 2:00. It shows that even the diehards have their doubts about the massive Obama budget.

At least watch the last 14 seconds.

Funny Because it is All so True.

This Guy is off to a great Youtube start

Monday, April 27, 2009

Goldberg Redux

Stating the obvious: Someone has to do it.

Media Turncoat Tells All!

Bernard Golberg Promoting "A Slobbering Love Affair"

Funny...But FRIGHTENING!!!!

In fairness, these are children who have been programmed. But these puppets are NOT that different from grown-up Obatamies. The cultish aspects of all things Obama have no parallel in previous administrations. There was no corresponding "All things are possible with McCain" sloganeering.

This campaign set a precedent for mind control. It is sad that a lot of Americans believe every word these kids mindlessly parrot. We have to come to grips with the possibility that the effects of the Kool Aid might be permanent!

May God help America!