Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who is Your Ghost?

The editors have been fair to President Obama. We only covered the birther/citizenship issue after it took on a life of its own as a news event. We have kept mum about the claims of limo drivers. We have also dodged the question "Did Obama have a ghost writer?"

We'll continue to ignore the limo driver but the ghost writer has staked out its own territory. For over a year rumors have circulated that William Ayers, the radical bomber, either collaborated or helped or wrote Obama's two books. A friend of mine emailed me months ago about this but I refused to broach the subject here. Then I saw a youtube vid where Ayers was questioned about this and he unequivocably denied it. Good enough for me.

Now, "American Thinker" rips the subject wide open. The evidence is circumstantial but it is intriguing. Please look it over.

BTW, there are older articles at this site from 2008. They grow more interesting with the passing of time.

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