Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mr. Vice President: Silence is Golden.

Vice President Cheney: It is one matter to criticize the current administration on their rumblings of prosecuting CIA agents and other American heroes. It is quite another to second guess the President's action in a time of war. A lot of us thought it reckless when the Dems publicly second-guessed every action in Iraq and Afghanistan. The chorus of "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" grew stale real fast. More annoying was the certainty that most of the comments were purely political and would not have been leveled against a fellow party member.

Recall 1980. The Iranians held our embassy and a presidential election was underway on the home front. Ronald Reagan adamantly refused to politicize the hostage situation. He would deliver the canned line about supporting his President in whatever action he took. Reagan politicized everything else, of course, but the hostages were off-limits.

Meanwhile Ted Kennedy exploited the hostage situation. Kennedy lost the nomination to Carter and Carter lost to Reagan in the Fall. The lessons are obvious: One, Ronald Reagan had more class than Ted Kennedy . Two, the American people can distinguish between class and crass. Three, a political candidate need not politicize everything. Four, public fugures should exercise caution when criticizing their leaders during times of international conflict.

Your criticism is especially unwise because you had two terms to win this war. You did leave Obama with a mess. Try practicing the principles of Ronald Reagan on this particular issue. It's time to button your lip. Hold your peace. Let it go. Please let it go.

Mr. Vice President, show some class.

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