Friday, October 23, 2009

Head Gasket

I blew a head gasket on my Sentra recently. In most of America, if you don't drive or have access to an automobile, you are in a bad way. I cannot begin to tell you how many dominoes have fallen as a result of this head gasket. Actually, the two minor repairs that preceded the blown head gasket also toppled a few of the tiles.

The domino that concerns us here is this blog. The sudden loss of transportation has lead me to perform ongoing cost/benefit analyses of repair vs. salvage. It also lead me to investigate used vehicles, new vehicles, rental cars, housing near my worksite, company policies concerning benefit time, work at home opportunities and much, much more.

Most of this post does not concern the White House but if the Cash for Clunkers program was still in effect, I would suspend my principles and take the $4500 trade-in. Then again, a Sentra might not qualify as a clunker in any condition.

Just a reminder to all the ladies in the audience that I will consider marriage to any woman who happens to have a nice little commuter car with low miles stashed away in her garage. Interested parties should email this site and attach a picture of the commuter car. Bonus points for minimal tread wear.

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