Thursday, October 29, 2009

Giving Credit Where It Is Due

Kudos to the Obama Administration's decision to refrain from prosecuting medical marijuana users in states where usage is legal under state law. It is the only instance I can think of where the administration actually charted the course of lesser spending. As a fiscal conservative, I applaud this measure.

This particular issue brings to the fore the uneasy alliance between fiscal conservatives and social conservatives. When push comes to shove fiscal conservatives always get stabbed in the back by the GOP. Always. The GOP proves over and over again that they are almost as creative as the Dems in wasting your money. The same blunderbust who blasts fraud and waste will turn himself into a mindless cheerleader when the criminal justice system is involved. The Republicans take pride in their lesser reckless spending. "The GOP: Destroying Our Country Only Half As Fast As The Dems."

So I will summarize all that is praiseworthy about Obama. 1. He wasted those pirates on the high seas. 2. He stopped a blatant waste of tax dollars by curbing the DOJ henchmen.

If Obama does anything else praiseworthy, I will again give credit where credit is due.

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