Monday, September 7, 2009

Media Monday: Levi Johnston, Superstar

Levi Johnston impregnated Sarah Palin's daughter and then refused to marry her. Not too much unusual so far. But then, Levi Johnston became the darling of the news media. Whereas every other political fugure in US history has been granted a ceasefire after they lose, the rules of engagement are different for Sarah Palin.

Obama's lapdogs have attacked Palin personally and her family is considered fair game. A coordinated attack involving bogus ethical violations cost her a half million dollars and forced her to step down from the office of governor. Since her resignation, the attacks have not slowed down a bit.

Levi Johnston has become a media fixture by bashing the entire Palin family. Will his career peak with his nude pose at a gay men's website? I doubt it very much. Kato Kaelin and Roger Clinton and Linda Tripp have faded away. But as long as Levi Johnston can remember one more detail of his time with the abominable snow people, he will remain a darling of the news media. Levi Johnston: Superstar

Levi Johnston poses for "Playgirl." True but you can find your own damn link for that story.

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Repack Rider said...

I think this stuff is a RIOT! Palin's repulsive narcissism and pettiness have come home to roost is the form of someone just as narcissistic and petty, but holding some potent ammo not available to anyone else.

Popcorn. I should have invested in popcorn.