Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is 'Wuss' The New N-Word?

Yo, Mr. President! Take a Midol. Hell, take two Midol. Better yet, wipe that make-up off your face and grow a pair. You are embarrassing us.

We need to specifically address the overplaying of the race card. 'Socialist' is the new n-word? 'Liar' is the new n-word? Let us skip over the fact that you called Sarah Palin a liar just minutes before your delicate feelings were trampled under foot. Tea party protestors are racist? Skeptics of your health care prposals are racist? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

It's time to dry your tears, Ethel. The job comes with heat. A lot of heat. Too much heat as far as I am concerned. We all had our criticisms of Bush but he was treated brutally. Brutally. But he stood up and took it like a man. Same with Clinton. The Starr humiliation was a national disgrace. But Clinton took the heat. So did his predecessor. And his predecessor. And his predecessor.

Every president sice LBJ has been subject to criticism. Often the criticism was irrational. Often it was cruel. Often it was unjustified. But let's face it. That's part of the job.

Ethel, you have been more pampered than any president in at least a half century. You might be the most pampered president since George Washington, a man whose payment of dues was never questioned. The media still fawn over you unlike anyone we have ever seen. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. But even kissing can leave a bruise now and then, huh Ethel?

Free advice, Ethel. Stop playing the race card every hand. It makes you look weak. Weak. Weak. It does make you look like a wuss. Be a man, Mr. President. Please be a man.

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