Friday, August 14, 2009

Who is Barack Obama?

I have no idea. Does anyone else think, as I do, that this man has never been "vetted." I hate that word vetted. It annoys me when a word that is seldom used suddenly reappears and suddenly it is a favorite of the media parrots. But that is another opinion for another time.

We are approaching Obama's first 8 months in office and to me, he is still an international man of mystery. Everything about this guy is vague. I can accept that he was bon in Hawaii but even that is subject to speculation because of Obama's secrecy on the matter. As an aside, Philip Berg maintains that even if he was born in Hawaii, Obama is ineligible for POTUS because he later became an Indonesian citizen.

I thought that by now, someone in the media would have exposed Obama's school records, either at Harvard Law School, Columbia, Occidental or even his high scool records, his Illinois Bar Association records (see archives of post on his birthday, August 4 of this year) as well as a body of other occluded documents. They might also connect the dots with Rezko, Blago, Rahmbo and the entire Daley mob. They might at least investigate Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson and Fannie Mae. I'm just showing the tip of the tip of the iceberg here.

We might not be surprised that the lapdog media carried water for Obama during the election but that mission is accomplished. They turned on LBJ after annointing him. They turned on Carter after annointing him. They turned on the Clintons years after annointing them. At some point, the competitive nature of the business might spur someone to look behind the curtain. It has not happened yet.

Maybe they won't find dirty laundry. Maybe Obama's laundry is as clean as his conjured media image. Maybe. But until we find out about these things, Obama will remain a mysterious figure. Who is Barack Obama?

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