Sunday, August 9, 2009

Michael J. Fox Ruled Politically Obsolete

Top Democratic Party officials meeting behind closed doors in what some describe as the most contentious meeting they have ever attended voted to strip Canadian born actor and Democratic pull-toy, Michael J. Fox, of his victim status. Such a decision means Fox would face almost certain euthanasia under the Obama health care plan. "It was the hardest decision we have ever had to make wept an ashen-faced David Axelrod. "It's almost like putting down a loyal cocker spaniel. Michael had fought the good fight for stem cell research for us, he was a trusted and trusting friend and I will miss him dearly....but lately his presence in the health care debate was quite frankly an embarrassment. I mean everyone knows care for a Parkinson victim would bust almost any family budget and then there was that Canadian citizenship business and snarky Republicans asking why he couldn't go back to Canada for treatment and of course you know what a mess that system is." Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was not so effusive in her praise noting that he regularly deceived Congress and was even seen carrying a swastika banner. A top Democratic Party official speaking off the record observed: "He was a bit like a lawn jockey I used to have. All the neighbors thought it was great when I first bought it but then almost over night they were calling me a racist It's time to move on and I'm sure Michael will understand."
Fox was unavailable for comment but friends confided that Fox had been depressed in recent weeks over his lack of political relevance.

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